Cheongdamdong Alice ep 7 & 8 Quick thoughts

Can I say how much I love the main male lead omg he’s just…just cute!!!


– How can she leave him hanging! and when he tried kissing her when trying on the jacket omg I almost choked on my nachos. I would have thought he would be more suave with his moves or something,lol

– I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one screaming “timing!” over and over again when she was about “to fall down” again,lol of course then followed by the omg from the kiss.

– Anyone else shipping Secretary Moon and Ah Jeong(?)??

– First of all I think the reason the girl is so scared of meeting that one guy is because she’s afraid he may say something to her husband. It looks to me like she eventually fell in love with her husband since after all the guy don’t seem so bad or anything. So she’s afraid of losing him because the other guy could start to blackmail her since after he tried joining his company before with her husband’s but was rejected. He has nothing really to lose at least not as much or with such impact as she would lose, yes she lied her way to get to the top but she’s not truly evil it’s not like other characters who kill to get their way*for example a certain character from I Miss You*.

– I love MGY as an actress but she’s hurting my poor baby*yes call me crazy or whatever you want but he’s my baby now,for now,lol*, and he look’s so hurt omg these two are such awesome actors! ><

– how could secretary moon forget he said everything and just remembered what ah jeong said! omg this is gonna make the future betrayal even more bigger!!


alice kiss 1

– I think it’s crazy how i find someone so crazy cute. He’s totally freaking out now that he knows she likes him and the way he ran away omg so funny. I wish there was a way to see the behind the scenes and bloopers of this drama.

– One question are there really AIW references in this drama? just wondering cause everyone keeps saying it but since I haven’t read the book and only watched the disney movie so i cant really make as many “connections” if there are any to begin with.

– She should try and read between the lines of what her friend, cause i guess in a way they are friends now, is saying to her she’s not happy and maybe in the end being rich is not worth so much pain and heartache.

– I really have to look up the ost of this drama not much into the instrumentals but that one actual song is nice,lol

– wait! did one of the commenters just asked to suck his nose!??!?!?!

– Sucks that’s he’s gonna used he just “cured” himself from one  heartache to jump into another one.

Well ep 9 looks likes it’s gonna be interesting though i hate it that he was taking forever to tell her who he is but eh that’s how kdramas work. Though at times it appears to be slow but I think it just adds more to the intensity of what’s happening  and I really wanna know how this drama is gonna end


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