I miss You Quick Thoughts ep 3 & 4

Omg that’s all I can say of ep 3 of I miss You

– So much drama and evilness in this episode right from the start.

– His own dad didn’t really care about him being kidnapped he was more worried about getting the other kid. It’s true I guess that some kids love their parents unconditionally because even though his dad basically ignores and even hits him he still runs to him for help.

– He punishes his son for calling the cops even after all that he is still more worried about himself and instead of helping the girl he puts his own son on a guilt trip.

– Can I hug these kids can i? Please? Never have I felt so much anger and sadness in one episode.

– It’s not like this was exaggerated in real life there are some sick men in this world, parents who mistreat their children, kids who suffer every day because they weren’t blessed with kind loving parents.

– By the end of this episode i’m really finding it hard not to cry, so far this drama is really taking an emotional toll on me it’s even worst than King 2 Hearts when they killed the hyung and the sexy bodyguard. *sorry if i spoiled it for someone*


ep 4

-How can a girl like a guy so much? but then again he’s the first friend she has ever had I could see why he meant so much to her.

-I love the detective even though she is not his daughter he feels the pain as he was and is doing everything to find her and he keeps calling her his daughter. This world need more men like him he’s also more of a father to the guy than his own dad and what I love the most is that his daughter is backing him up every step of the way.

– Even after his son is getting arrested I just know the dad is more worried about himself.

– Some people really aren’t supposed to be parents seriously like his son is crying his eyes out and what does the dad do? he hits him and calls him crazy…tsk tsk tsk

– Did that guy say he would only get 2 to 3 yrs of jail because of what he did? Will he get it that easy? really? I wonder if they treat child abusers over there the same way they treat them here in jail. Cause I know here in the US(i’ve heard) that even the same prisoners hate those who abuse kids and some don’t even make it out alive.

– I’m guessing the dad of the guy left them(the kidnappers) alive if they said they killed the girl cause then it will get the police and his own son off his back.


I actually have so many thoughts on these 2 episodes but I’m guessing you guys felt the same way watching them so i wont say much because if I did then I could fill up a whole chapter of a book .Unlike may queen I’m actually looking forward to when they get to be adults because I wanna see how they ended up, how they met again and really wanna see how this is going to end. I especially wanna know that the real relationship between the kid with the messed up leg and jeongwoon because based on my conclusion jeongwoon is the other kids nephew? Idk but I really wanna see where this drama is going.


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