Drama Quick Thoughts

Started watching Flower Boy Next Door here is what I thought of the first two episodes

– It should be Flower Boys Next Door not  Flower Boy Next Door, saw the rest of the cast and in my opinion they all look better than the main lead…sorry.

– I think Kim Jin Hoo(the other webtoon guy) is waayyy cuter than the lead and he could be my flower man next door neighbor anytime!,jaja

– I wouldn’t mind waking up one morning and finding a cute young man right outside my window in fact instead of closing the curtain i would open the window for him.

– Doesn’t the male lead look a little bit like David oh? but even David oh is cuter,lol

– I love the one-sided crush the guy from apt 401 has on 402 its just awkward and cute ^^

– I think ima also gonna like the relationship between the security guard and the “madam”,lol

– The male lead has his…charms i guess,lol

* just wanna let you know from now on I totally support the second male lead/apt 401 guy. I was gonna go on a marathon when i realized only 4 episodes are out so Ima wait till it’s halfway done to start seeing it again(maybe,lol).*

Cheongdamdong Alice

– I’m really hating the comments on the other woman’s “mustache” cause i don’t see nothing. I usually love the commenters but i think they will be off for this drama or at least for now.

– I’m sorry to say but the male lead does not know how to cry at all, in fact every time he does I start to laugh. Am I the only one??

– I just the love the main lead’s daydreams/imaginations, they’re just freaking hilarious!! XD

alice 1

I couldn’t stop laughing at all XD

– I love the main lead!

– That book/diary that girl gave her will  be the key to many future understandings or the big one right before they end up together, cause well all know they are if they don’t then it will be the biggest twist ever in kdrama land.

– I guess there more to the girl(madam) that meets the eye, because why would she bother helping her? There’s no gain from it for her…so why?

– For someone who wants to act and seem cool all the time he’s acting a bit…clingy? with her and he’s not at the point of liking her yet. Right now he’s like curious cause she never acts how he thinks*imagines* she will so I think he’s intrigued but he’s close on the one sides love stage,lol

– I think i could see why the other girl left him and even though she is a bit of a gold digger she also told him that he still didn’t realize why she left. I’m guessing cause he is clingy, why? well he rushes to find her just because she didn’t answer his txt’s and they are not even that close at all for him to even do that. Yes he’s at the stage where he’s starting to like her but this seems a bit too much for me.

– Well I’m starting a bit to realize what’s going on, but i could be wrong. But some people think this drama is going a bit slow but for me it’s just write it’s not rushing in into the love thing it’s taking it’s time to develop the characters first*in my opinion* before getting to the love line. Which of course has obviously started by now with one of them but I guess she has to “discover” herself first before liking the guy if she ends up liking him. Maybe this is not a full on romance drama whatever it is I’m loving it! I’m really tempted to watch ep 5 but i have training tomorrow so can’t but at soon as I get back I’m watching another two episodes or more,lol


p.s  wait Cheongdam-dong Alice is only 16 ep!! this is more of a 22ep or more drama,lol


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