I miss you ep 1 Quick Thoughts

Since Arang and the Magistrate ended I had to wait another extra week to see what drama would start and I finally have my answer and that is…

I miss you! I gotta admit those first 5 minutes were really intense but already I have some problems with this drama,well not really problems but…idk you see why right now.

– First of all an Asian playing football?,lol i’ve never seen that and dorms?? really? I gotta search that up.

– Child abuse pisses me off so much but it’s a reality and maybe this will shed some light on the problem.

– Then seriously did that guy really shoot that dog??!!! oh hell no call peta right now! or whatever animal agency they have over there,lol no but seriously did they really have to shoot the dog >< ugh another subject that pisses me off. If you want to make me angry talking about animal abuse and child abuse will get me going.

– I really think they chose the child actor for yoochun wrong.

– What’s wrong with the rich family all crazy,evil and stuff, omg just realized the first and second male leads are brothers!!*right?* this is gonna be one heck of a love triangle. Wait no he’s the uncle!! cause he’s yoochun’s grandfathers son and brother of his dad so Jun is yoochun’s*or jeongwoon’s(?) * uncle!

– This is gonna be one heck of a sad drama, so many hurt kids both physically and emotionally. I just wanna grab that girl and hug her!

– Just realized the poor girl gets rejected twice by the same guy in this drama and in the moon that embraces the sun.

Overall I gotta say wow for making me cry in the first episode it’s really heartbreaking and makes you thankful for a lot of things. At least that’s what I got from the first episode idk about you guys but this first episode was good enough to keep me watching every week from now on can’t wait to watch it tomorrow. I just hope it’s not another repeat from may queen that when the kids got older the story got boring.


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