Is the Sound of Music a korean drama?


   drama collage

As I was watching the sound of music I started thinking that it was somehow similar to a korean drama*or maybe korean dramas got some inspiration from it* for example;

– she is a carefree nun who as “punishment” gets sent to take care of the male leads kids, who happens to be widow.
– has trouble getting along with the kids at first but then they love her.
– they fight and bicker at first*the lead couple* because of diff view points and as you all know this is a must for the lead couple in a kdrama.
– He has a gf that starts to notice the looks between them, as in no more fighting and share like secret messages every time they look at each other or smile.
– He suddenly starts seeing her in different light after they share a romantic dance/song. For example when the kids ask him to sing a song but somehow by the end of the song it’s more like he’s singing it to her. Then when she’s teaching them how to dance and he comes over and sees it and instead of focusing on the party he goes over to dance with her.*anybody else getting the kdrama vibe?*

and well you know the rest she realizes she loves him but she’s a nun so she can’t be with him and so on. Isn’t is basically like the plot from a korean drama

“a carefree nun goes to take care of the 7 kids(?) of a widow who runs his family strictly.”

that’s the best plot I could come up with,lol not sure how to add that they can all sing part to it. I think it could pull off as a  kdrama Park Shin Hye as the female lead*plus she knows how to sing soo,lol* and the male lead…Hyun Bin!! nah he’s not that old to have 7 kids,lol Idk I’ll have to think about the cast but anyways…the point is that this movie reminded me a lot of a kdrama what do you guys think??


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