Cheongdamdong Alice Quick Thoughts ep 1-2

So i started watching Cheongdamdong Alice on Monday and right now im watching ep 2 and omg so far there is one lovable character and it isn’t MGY,lol

– First of all if your bf is deep in debt you can already tell so much of his character and I know the reasons for it but…so much??

– Apart from Marry Me Mary*a.k.a marry stayed out all night* does MGY always has to wear dark clothing??

– The older brother of jumong*or the bf stealer’s husband* looks more handsome here,lol

– Isn’t her friend the same girl from reply 1997?? or is it just me?

– I love the main guy though a little crazy but so far i think i’m mostly gonna watch this for him.

– How doesn’t she realize that the girl*to put it nicely* is showing off her money. Come on! she makes you pick up an order of a diamond set knowing full well you’re gonna try em on and then after “realizing” that it’s you still continues to do it. Even then she tells you oh can you go put it my closet when her servant is like right there next to her!!!

– Like seriously I would have quit the moment i knew she was my boss. I would never work for the woman who stole my bf and what’s worst she still gave her the benefit of a doubt*???? cant remember the saying right now* that “oh she wouldn’t have chosen me we don’t have good memories” that’s exactly why she chose you to rub it in that she’s better off than you. It’s just some girls are really clueless but she just found out that she knew so lets see what happens*yes im currently watching ep 2,lol*.

– Can i go kick her butt, please??!!!

-I think i know who won the part of best villain of 2013.

-Why is she still begging at her ex bf’s door? seriously?! But i’m really getting a weird feeling about him being gone but i can just tell that when she starts falling in love with the other guy he’s gonna come back and act like he never left, who wants to be on that,lol

– I learned a new term today second lead syndrome,lol I love how the comenters on viki went from sad to omg in a matter of seconds,lol

– I think ima have to see The Count of Monte Cristo.

– I think I just saw my favorite part of this whole drama! I loved her face! omg!! * i think i’m enjoying this a bit too much*

Well i’m sure where this drama is headed but i’m starting to look forward to it and I guess im not the only one who is concerned about the bf he’s a bit too depressed but let’s see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully my internet is a little better than tonight and not stop like every 2-3 minutes to buffer.


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