So here is what i’m currently doing and plans i have for the future and my thoughts on the drama i’m seeing,


– I don’t remember if I’ve said it but I finished Arang and the Magistrate! ❤

– Stopped watching Nice Guy* i guess it didn’t hook me as much as I thought*

– Stopped watching Creating Destiny* I had no internet for almost two weeks!!!*

– I started watching Cheongdamdong Alice today, just one episode though since my internet decided it wanted to be slow today. So far it’s alright but…the main leads character feels…too familiar? idk ><

– I watch My Love, Madam Butterfly now and then but not for a long time since about 3o minutes in I switch to May Queen.

– I also watch May Queen, it’s not my type of drama somehow but I find it a bit more interesting than the other one. I just gotta say I enjoyed the kids part wayy more than the part of them as adults. In fact I feel that making them grow up was a mistake I really don’t see the point of them as adults. It’s like the writers got confused on what to do after age jump, of course that’s just my opinion.

– I really but really hate changhee’s dad a lot!! His ambition doesn’t let him see how he’s being used. Also Inhwa’s*is that her name?* brother is weird is he in love with his sister? or something cause he’s like telling him mom how dare she mate her with whoever she wants. Yes he said mate! like if they were animals or something >< and seriously inhwas and that guys mom should really stop throwing herself to the floor every time she fights with her step son.

– May Queen, actually a bunch of dramas these days should really stop with the ad placements and if they’re gonna do it can’t they be a little less obvious??

– Oh i’m also watching King of Dramas though on and off cause I tend to forget about it* hasn’t fully caught my interest either*.

– I’m also not liking Jae Hee’s character in May Queen I prefer him more in romantic comedy type of dramas, him crying and stuff looking sad and mean it doesn’t suit him,lol  Breaks my heart to know he’s actually married and with a kid* I think it’s him,lol*

– Also what the heck happened to the layout in the reader pg of wordpress?? Idk about you but i don’t like it one bit it’s actually confusing for me.

– I’m thinking of opening another blog but of course it won’t be about kpop but more about food and the new restaurants I try. I’ll post the link later on when I get to try a new place,lol just in case you guys are curious you guys can read it,lol

– I also have planned on opening an online kpop radio but with just music of course I don’t wanna torture you with my voice,lol plus I will have to have a microphone or something like that XD

– I will try to start the movie review again but I can’t really do a lot cause my internet doesn’t seem to wanna work, so we are debating at my house if to switch internet providers or not and if we do to which company. So as soon as I have better internet connection i’ll be seeing so many dramas and movies that maybe*maybe not* I’ll have to open a different blog for movies and this one for kdramas,lol


So these are some of my plans for this year and my thoughts on the dramas I’m seeing. So apart from that I’m looking for new dramas to watch so i was wondering what new dramas are out? anyones know??


p.s im watching may queen and I’m exactly at the moment where they are having the kiss scene in the rain*heju and changhee* but that wasnt romantic at all in fact it looked very forced. Oh and also why do they have the same scar?? is changee eugene? but then again eugene was a girl,lol but still weird.


4 responses to “Updates

  1. I also just started watching Cheongdamdong Alice and am not so crazy about it so far either. I’m thinking about watching Flower Boy Next Door instead. I know some people that are watching it and they seem to really like it.

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