Best of 2012 in K-land

Well happy new years my dear fellow bloggers and readers I hope this last yr was a blessing to all of you guys and hope this new yr is full of blessings for you and your families ^^

So I wanna “quickly” share my all top favorite things that came out this yr so here it goes…



Best Drama of 2012;

MBC: King 2 Hearts*really hard decision between it and A&M,lol*

SBS: A Gentleman’s Dignity

KBS: None*i haven’t finished nice guy and didn’t see any of the other dramas *

tvN: Reply 1997*regardless of the ending,lol*

Best Drama OST Song: A gentleman’s Dignity: My Heartsore by Lee Hyun

Best  Drama OST: Tie Between Arang and The Magistrate and A Gentleman’s Dignity

Best Actor: Lee Seung Gi

Best Actress: Shi Min Ah

Best Villain: 

   Male:  Kim Bong Gu in King 2 Hearts

   Female: Madam(?) from Arang and the Magistrate

Worst Drama: Fashion King

Favorite Characters: 

   Female: Moo Yoo Jung from reply 1997(shi won’s bff)

   Male: Cha Eun Gyul from TTBY, just really upset over the fact he’s 19 yrs old =(



Best Kpop Song;

  Male Group: Face by Nu’est * I can’t stop hearing it*

  Female Group: Girlfriend by the Wonder Girls* Just love this song,lol*

  Male Solo: Please Don’t by K.Will

  Female Solo: Illa Illa by Juniel


Kpop MV’s

Male Group: In heaven by JYJ

Female Group: Day by Day by T-ara*those girls know how to do mv’s*

Male Solo: Please Don’t by K.Will *still omg every time i see it*

Female Solo: I’m sorry by Lena Park


Variety Show

  Best Show: Running Man ^^   *fave ep: ep 113*



Honorable mentions*in my opinion*


-Fading away by Noel

– All right by M-tiful

– Good Boy by Baek Ji Young

– Men are all like that by Kim Jong Kook


– Faith

– History of a Salaryman

-The Moon that Embraces the Sun


– Jo Jung-suk as Eun Shi-kyung in King 2 Hearts*cute bodyguard with the dimples,lol*

-Lee Yoon-ji as Lee Jae-shin in King 2 Hearts*princess*

-Hwang Bo Ra as Bang Wool the shaman in Arang and the Magistrate

Cutes non Main Couple

– Bang Wool and Dol Sae from Arang and the Magistrate*shipped them more than the main couple*

– Princess Jae-shin and Eun Shi-kyung from King 2 Hearts


– A werewolf boy

Creepiest OST*had to add it,lol*

– My Prince by Park Bo Young in A werewolf Boy * i found it extremely creepy*



Well this is what i considered the best of 2012 in Kland what were your favorites of 2012?


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