Arang and The Magistrate Final Thoughts

Since today is my day off I have time to post  things so now here are my final thoughts on A&M

So I was able to finally finish seeing Arang and the Magistrate and even then I had to rush through ep 16-19 cause I was watching it on tv and didn’t think so many episodes has passed but they had to I had to catch up cause they were in ep 20,yup the last ep!, so i had to rush it,lol Either way I finished seeing it and I just loved the ending! I found the two kids two be soo cute and when the little girl kept saying* i think* “aigoo why did you drink from the well? I told you not to drink from it!” or something like that,lol and kept hitting her chest. Can you believe that was my favorite part of the whole drama?,lol Even though I loved the main couple I was actually more a fan of dol Sae and the shaman, they were soo cute together and i was happy that they did end up together and even then Sato became their son after he reincarnated(?),lol Overall I think this was a good drama it had a fair share of romance, evilness,sadness, comedy and fighting scenes though i prefer sword fights more.

p.s Did you guys read the article about f(x)’s sulli’s resemblances to some famous beauty from 100 yrs ago?

Is it just me or does she*the beauty from 100yrs ago* look more like the shaman?,lol cause that’s what I first thought of when I saw the pic though sulli does looks a bit like her XD


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