Faith Final Thoughts



I just finished watching Faith and even now I feel like crying, why? because I thought they wouldn’t meet at the end but then it would have been a cruel but cruel love story. But they did and it made the ending much better but was it me or did Lee Min Ho looked even better with the go-t (i have noo idea how to spell that but you understand what I mean right?)? Anyways in the end she realized that when the sun’s sun spots exploded(?) that the windows would open but you just don’t know what time period you will land in…actually no it’s when you jump back from the future back into the window it’s that you don’t know how far back into the past you will land. I wonder if the same happens here but then again I don’t really wanna go back into the past of my country. I would most likely be killed or something I won’t be able to blend right in, of course she didn’t either at first but they were all Korean but here…we have almost everything and in the early start of my country it was a white man’s world,lol Anyways…I actually felt sad when the white haired guy died why couldn’t they try to get him to join their side or something and then I was thinking what was their names? I’m sure they weren’t called from birth fire woman and pipe man,lol What I would really like to know what was how much time had passed since she went missing obviously not a lot cause Japanese people were waiting for her to interview which doesn’t make sense since didn’t she like basically get kidnapped in front of a bunch of people. I would think that her bosses would cancel all her appointments or something or at the least the interviewers would call to confirm the interview and they would be like oh she can’t make it cause she got kidnapped. But no the first thing they tell her when seeing her is “oh the Japanese reporters*or whatever they were* are here to interview you” no questions of “omg are you ok?”” Are you hurt?” It would have been ok in a way to do that but they actually show the nurse saying oh im calling to say dr yoo is here and something about the missing persons report. So they all know she went missing and stuff it’s not like Rooftop Prince where time didn’t continue while they were gone it actually did continue just at a super slow pace cause i’m sure she was there for a good amount time. And if time traveled at the same space for the time she was gone then at least a yr passed by or more. Ok I think i’m over thinking it a little but you have to agree with me there was an error on part of the writer though I do admit it seems to go kinda in a circle since she went into the future she was able to go get the backpack and take stuff back with her and the camera film thing but instead of doing all that. Couldn’t there have been a possibility that maybe just maybe she had a backpack of her own already in her office it would take the Japanese reporters right of the drama cause in my opinion they didn’t really serve any purpose other than the backpack thing. Well idk what do you guys think? or had you guys even thought about that? why were reporters waiting for her if she had been kidnapped? i think that’s the biggest mystery of this drama and I demand some answers as a faithful viewer,lol

p.s i really want to know why after five yrs there was a new king? what happened to the old king? and the queen? must i look in the history of Korea?

p.p.s ok…what was the kings name again?,lol


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