Movie Review of the Week # 22

This week’s movie review is…

Synopsis: Upon learning that their wheelchair-bound former teacher is on the verge of death, a group of former students decide to stage an impromptu class reunion at her country cottage, only to find their gathering taking a dark turn. Upon arriving at the remote cottage the group is overwhelmed by emotion, but happiness soon turns to anger as the dangerous alcoholics, insecure bulimics, and self-absorbed plastic-surgery addicts begin to realize that it was Ms. Park’s peculiar teaching style that set them all down a deeply dysfunctional path. As old grudges come flaming back to life and long-buried secrets gradually begin to surface, the once-happy gathering turns into a nightmare rampage of death driven by deep-rooted childhood rage.

First I wanna start by saying that I’ve read comments about how Korean horror films are really good though I do admit that they have good story lines but when it comes to the “horror” factor it’s not quite scary. I’m a bit*just a tiny bit* of a scaredy cat so when seeing said horror movies i do tend to scream out once in a while but that is something that I haven’t done when watching a Korean horror movie. Don’t get me wrong this is not gonna be a bad review in fact this movie was quite good but I wouldn’t really classify it as horror more like gory and suspenseful or does that equal a horror movie? Anyways this was a good movie it keep you guessing on what happened between the teacher and her students and who is the one doing the killings overall I recommend this movie and I give it a rating of 4/5 because the ending could have been better.

Here’s the trailer but it’s a bit weird, you can watch this at YT


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