The three stages of a drama

When writing the quick thoughts on Creating Destiny I finally realized something and maybe it’s something that is obvious but I hadn’t really stopped and think about until I was writing it and even then i had started thinking about this when explaining the drama to someone.Like how I explained to someone this type of dramas come in three stages


Stage 1) The bickering: there is gonna some misunderstanding and because of that the relationship between the two leads is not gonna start good. So through the first 5 episodes or more they are gonna fight over everything and there is gonna be misunderstanding after misunderstanding. Second male lead starts noticing the female lead and the second female leads starts to make herself known and this is where we get to the second stage.


Stage 2 Jealousy: The bickering doesn’t happen as much and they seem to start getting along and that’s when all of sudden one of the two main leads*usually the male* starts to feel a bit angry when seeing the other lead flirt/laugh/hang out with someone of the opposite sex. Of course they will deny it at first and then the other lead starts to feel the same too but they wont be as strong as the other one. Of course the one who starts getting jealous first will go through denial “me? jealous? huh!” Then they go through the experimentation process to see if it only happens when they see the other lead doing something with some other guy/girl. Which then leads to the third and Final stage.


Stage 3 Acceptance: Here they finally accept that they are jealous though at first they are a bit confused as to why they are jealous. After 1 or 2 episodes they finally realized they like the other person of course misunderstandings still occur especially in this stage. This stage is usually the most critical and just before they confess that they like each other and begin a relationship or try to begin a relationship.


So here are what I think are the 3 main stages of a kdramas of course there are also mini stages especially in between the 2nd and 3rd stage where for example ex wife’s/gf’s or ex boyfriends come along and want to reclaim their stake or whatever. But these are the 3 stages will you see more often in a kdrama.


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