Creating Destiny ep 1-11 quick thoughts

So on Wednesday I started watching Creating Destiny and I’m not sure what to think of it but here are my thoughts on the 11 episodes I have watched…

-The main male lead is cute ^^ oh and so is his friend*who is 27 by the way but dating baek ji young according to dramawiki*

– Why is it soo wrong to date or want to marry someone from another ethnicity Don’t you know your children just end up hurt because they can’t be with the person they love just because they are black,white or asian?

– Even if she marries him(alex) she obviously doesn’t love him. why? he has told her he loves her about 3 times in the first 2 episodes and not once has she told him i love you too she only smiles awkwardly at him.

– why is alex’s acting so weird? it doesn’t really feel like he likes her. Maybe the US should get bad acting Asians and let see how they feel about that,lol

– I really try to stay away from this kind on dramas because i get too upset. Especially when the parents/elders say that they are doing things for their children. What kind of parent thinks that basically obligating your child to marry someone they don’t love or even know is a good thing?

-Apart from the whole trying to force them to marry I’m really liking the love line and as usually it starts with them bickering and hating each other. Even though they both don’t want to marry each other fighting each other wont help  anything either.

– I had actually thought there was gonna be a love triangle between the main lead and his bff with her, but i was totally wrong in fact his bff likes his noona.

– I hate the fact that people assumed that because jin joo’s father is back that her mom would obviously get back together with him. But why? just because he’s the girl’s father? who cares what happened in the past right? obviously nothing happened right? he just left for 6 yrs and now is back right? another story line i am not enjoying.

– I was watching ep 8 and I kept thinking why is this drama progressing soo slowly? and then i looked it up and this is not your average 16,20 or 24 episode drama no its a 31 episode drama so by ep 8 im just a third of the way. So of course they aren’t advancing as fast I thought but I just hope I don’t get bored with it since im used to my 16-24 episode dramas.

So overall my thoughts on this drama are that it’s ok but when they start the parts about the talk of marriage i just feel like throwing something at the tv. I kinda feel i’ve watched this drama before for example there is a scene where the male lead goes to talk to the dad of jin joo about leaving his sister alone but not before punching him and i clearly remember watching it before. Or is it recycled from another drama? but…its soo similar. Anyways at least it’s getting me by until Monday, next week I’ll be done with Faith which in according to i had at least 2 more weeks to go. And then on Wed/Thurs arang is gonna get interesting! cause sato finally sees his mom!! So this are my thoughts and updates! and no i haven’t forgotten about king 2 dramas and Nice Guy I’m still watching them,lol


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