My Favorite Korean Actors

So it’s been a month since wrote the post of my favorite actress so now I’ll post my favorite actors who make giggle and fangirl like a teenager in middle school,lol

p.s they are not in any order of good looks or acting skills, it would be hard to decide anyways,lol


Ji Jin Hee

Idk about you but I tend to find this man really handsome, and I find him to be a very good actor as well. I loved most of the dramas ive seen him on, Miss Kim’s Million Dollar quest, Spotlight,He who can’t marry, Dong Yi and Take care of us captain. Though the first drama with him that I saw and didn’t like was Love Letter, it was just plain torture to watch regardless of the actors good looks, it didn’t help at all but i kept watching until I could no more,lol

Daniel Henney

Oh God, this man…this man right here just has to smile and i become a puddle of melted butter,lol I think even if he didn’t say a single line in a movie or drama I would be fangirling like crazy and claiming he should win an oscar for his amazing acting. I’m not saying that he’s a favorite just because he’s gorgeous but his acting skills are not that bad either. I loved him in Kim Sam Soom, he did a great job in Shanghai Calling,  and waiting to see him in Papa and I just watched the wolverine movie up the point he dies out of loyalty,lol

Song Il Gook

I gotta be truthful I’ve only watched him on Jumong, Crime Squad and The Art of Seduction, but I loved him in those 2 dramas and 1 movie. I especially loved him in Jumong it’s what made me fall in love with Korean historical dramas, i was afraid of watching them but after falling in love with his acting and the story line I just kept watching them and now it’s my favorite genre,lol


Lee Min Ho

faith 15-2


Not sure if i could 100% claim him as one of my favorites…yet but more like around 75%. But I do admit that when this guy smiles I giggle like if he was actually physically in the room and smiling straight at me,jaja Though I hated him for a good while after watching BOF, hate is pretty strong…I disliked him, not sure why I guess i just focused all my dislike on the remake of HDY on him. But after I watched him on Personal Taste*which I have yet to finish* I thought he wasn’t that bad and obviously seeing him now in Faith I’m becoming one his many fans. I have yet to watch city hunter and won’t be watching it any time soon since it doesn’t appeal to me but I’ll look forward to whatever drama he decides to do next.


Son Hyun Joo



Though he may not be as handsome as the other actors I’ve mentioned I do find him cute, am I the only one that does? The first drama I watched with him was What’s Up Fox and he was the president of a fashion magazine or something like that and kinda likes the main leads younger sister. Though in the drama he acted kinda tough and mean I couldn’t help but think omg how cute and after watching him in Sons Of Sol Pharmacy House I loved him even more and his cuteness level just seemed to rise for me. Either way he was awesome in both dramas and what I saw by the chaser he’s a great actor as well so he has won a place in my heart as one of my favorite actors.


Song Joong Ki



Though i am not a hard-core fan yet I still think he is a great actor especially after seeing his acting in a werewolf boy. I saw him in running man of course but i had also seen him in Frozen Flower*though you only catch glimpses of him*,The Case of Itaewon Homicide, Triple,Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and now I’m seeing him on nice guy and I gotta say this guy really has potential to become a great actor one day. Even though he has the looks of a pretty boy he does a good job on nice guy and there are times where i see him as manly either way he has become one of my favorite actors.


So who are your favorite actors and why?


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