Drama Final Thoughts

So these are my final thoughts for Dr Jin and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop


-Dr Jin

Even till the end I still didn’t finish understanding dr jin in fact I was left with a lot of unanswered questions in fact i had even come up with my own theory of what actually happened until she woke up and called him dr jin actually until when he talked to the girl in the wheel chair. My theory was that since he had read all those books about the history of Korea he was just reliving it in his coma state but of course we learned that in fact there is multiple/parallel universes or whatever the answer was,lol In fact I didn’t realize it had ended until may queen started the following Saturday so the ending for me was a bit weird it didn’t really feel like an ending at all it felt like it had more episodes coming. Overall it was an ok drama the palace drama was a bit lacking, i guess like i have said before I prefer the queen vs concubine sorta drama more.



Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Warning this is sorta more of a rant.  First of all I loved all the eye candy on the first 4? episodes bowaal(?) the pillar, and the 4 hs kids it fit  the name of the drama then again maybe they were casted because of that reason. But I have one thing that disturbed me even more than the age love triangle thing and that was the main leads hands,jaja why? well in one of the episodes where the female lead is crying in the restroom stall*not the first ep* he comes in and holds her face and asks her why is she crying*or something like that* and then tell her not to cry for another man in front of him but all the time i was seeing this all I noticed where his hands. And no i don’t have a hand fetish or something like that but it’s just that his hands were large and his fingers were long but when you saw his thumb it was fat in the end and fat in the part that connects to the palm but the middle part of the thumb was thin I’ll post a pic in a bit. Overall if you can over look the fact that it’s basically a love story between a minor and a student teacher 6yrs older than him then i guess it’s a pretty good drama, but since i couldn’t really over look it I had a hard time enjoying the “love plot” between the two main leads. If I was her I would go for the older guy it’s like damn girl didn’t you see his body when he came out of the shower what woman in the world wouldn’t want to wake up every morning or go to sleep with someone like that?! But it’s never the second lead, they just never stand a chance just once i wish the kdramas gods would produce a twist where the female lead chooses the second male lead instead of the main one. Oh and i can’t believe it took 16? episodes for the friend and the coach to end up together and the thing the coach did on her wedding day! omg i thought it was so cute! I just knew they would end up together because why would you marry a man who you couldn’t be yourself in front of. It would get tiring to act like someone you are not just because he has a good job, has money or good looks it’ ‘s not worth it if you are not truly happy. Anyways if you can over look the age thing then go ahead and watch it if you don’t end up liking the drama then you’ll at least enjoy the eye candy*for girls*. I’ll share a bit of it with you guys if you haven’t seen it…


*possible eye candy spoilers,lol*

ramyun5  ramyun5-2


and the ba wool with his dimples! ;D

ba wool ba wool 2


and now the thumb pic,lol


See what I mean i had to rewind to find out what happened cause all i think of was how freakish his hands look,jaja




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