Movie Review of the Week # 21

This week’s movie review is…

The Wig

The Wig

Synopsis:Mute Ji-hyeon (Yu Seon) is caretaker to a younger sister, Su-hyeon (Chae Min-seo), who is suffering from terminal leukemia. After donning a wig given to her by her sister, Su-hyeon suddenly feels better, starts displaying uncharacteristic behavior and sees grisly hallucinations, forcing Ji-hyeon to wonder whether the mysterious coiffure may be possessed.

(cre:the sundace channel)


Saw this movie a couple of days ago on YT and well it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that great either it was a good movie to pass the time. Though i was a bit surprised at yu sun’s acting as a mute, I always think it must be hard to play the part of a mute but then again maybe not as much as someone who acts blind,lol Overall it was an ok movie wouldn’t recommend it as a must watch but something to watch when you feel watching something scary. If I had to give it a rating then i would give it a 3.5/5.




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