Asian Dramas i’ve watched + review pt 6

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and I feel in a writing mood today so i think today is gonna be full of posts*maybe* anyways here it goes…


1) You’re Beautiful

You're Beautiful

Basically this drama is about how the female lead acts like a boy to take the place of her twin brother in a band. In my opinion i think it had a good combo of romance,cuteness,hotness*,lol*,funny moments and obviously a good amount of its evil character. I think this drama shed a little light on the reality of how stars/idols are, as in not nice and angelic as they appear on tv*not saying all of them but some of them*. Overall I did like this drama it didn’t feel as I wasted my time and from what I remember it didn’t drag on or anything and like always I rooted for the second lead,lol I give this one a 3.5/5.


2) Hana Kimi(remake 2011)

Towards the first 3 episode I kept comparing it to the first Japanese version but after a while I forgot it was a remake. Actually in fact I don’t think it can be considered a remake. Why? well i guess if TTBY is a remake then it’s a remake of this version because TTBY and this one has things that the 2007 didn’t have such as the almost rape thing. Well…I guess TTBY is a combo of both versions…anyways I enjoyed this version as much as the other one though the 2007 one was more…what can i call it?…goofy?crazy? this one had its moments too but not as much. This one was bit more serious and I learned that this one actually goes more with the manga than the 2007 one. Overall I really like this remake and I’m kinda hoping they will continue making remakes of this drama*japanese version* though in the beginning I had a hard time finding the main male leads attractive  by the end i was in love with both of them, no with all the male characters,lol My rating for this one? a 4/5.


3) Flower Boy Ramyun Shop


First of all I can see why they call it flower boy ramyun shop but in my opinion it should be called sexy oppa ramyun shop because they are obviously oppa’s except the last one I’m not sure about his age,lol This drama really had me hooked and I’m not sure why*i’m lying it a bit here just look at the guys and i think you can guess why i was hooked* it didn’t have an awesome plot in fact it was a bit disturbing. A 25 yr old female teacher in a love triangle with a guy 6 yrs younger that her and another guy 6 yrs older and guess who she saw as a man? nope not the 6 yr older one, get why it was a bit disturbing?,lol Overall it was an ok drama i loved ba wool? or crazy chicken/rooster or whatever he was called, every time he smiled i just squealed like a school girl because of his dimples and to discover he is one yr older than me omg! anyways this was an ok drama and i give it a 3/5.


4) Fashion King

One thing to say don’t bother watching this!! Ok not one thing but this drama was a complete waste of time I’m not sure what the writers were even thinking! This is basically like a 4 square love thing where the female lead would go back and forth between the two male leads and then the male lead would go back and forth between the both female leads. It was like “fine! you don’t love me?! then i have someone else that does! and then run to that person and lead them on and then go wait no i love the other person not you and run back to the other person” and basically recycle that theme every 3 episodes and just add a bit of fashion here and a bit of back stabbing there some drunk calling/crying scenes and you got yourself a drama. Maybe it sounds like being to harsh but for me it felt very repetitive the same things/”misunderstandings” happening over and over again. Overall i wished i could take back the time I spent watching this drama and then the end didn’t help at all in fact if i could have physically killed the drama then the ending made sure not a trace would left of it,lol my rating?…1/5 why even a 1? well…i like the dressed yuri wore,lol

*sorry i guess this more of a rant?*

5)  Reply 1997/Answer me 1997

Reply 1997

Even though i was disappointed with this drama at the end I do admit that I did like it. The individual stories of the characters was awesome and the memories of when i was younger came back to me though i couldn’t completely relate as in the level of fan girling ,lol But the characters as individuals were cute and funny with their betrayal of liking another kpop group, to being awkward around girls because of too much porn, falling in love with your bff, being a hard-core fan of H.O. T, and wanting to be a play boy,lol Overall this was a good drama it made laugh in its funny moments, made me go aww and made me mad,lol My rating a 4/5.


So these are my reviews/rants I’ll try to remember to make this again every now and then ^^


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