The best guests on Running Man so far

I’m not sure if you have noticed but I love doing lists though I try to cover it as “posts” they are what they are,lol and as you may have guessed yes you’re in for another list. This time it’s my favorite guests on running man though sometimes some of the guests have been a bit…annoying or the episodes have been a bit dull because of the guests. Because it becomes about the guest and not the actual missions and to make my point I’ll give you one example when Lee Dae Hee came on 80% of the airtime was on her and how she was gonna achieve her mission not actually doing the mission but her going ottoke!? over and over again. Anyways…here’s a list of my favorite guests


Park Ji Sung(ep 95-97)

Park Jin Sung*the one on the right*

Before he came out in running man I had no clue who he was and by the reaction of the cast I thought oh great another boring episode where the cast once again is gonna baby sit the guest. But i was wrong and I’m glad I was wrong because the episodes he came out on were hilarious and i was amazed as well as the cast on how quickly he adjusted to the variety scene and if running man were to ever add a cast member I would vote for this guy, in the end i ended up thinking he was really cute,lol


Ji Jin Hee(ep 76,77,116,117)

I loved how competitive this guy was, apart from being an awesome and good looking actor his variety skills are not that bad either. He didn’t hold back and now that I think about it all of the male guest have been pretty much been awesome except when they get over shadowed by female guests as in the case of poor Lee Min Ki* for the sake of my pride i wouldn’t return even if they begged*. Or are super famous like when Big Bang came on you can totally tell the rm cast weren’t even trying I guess big bang fans are that scary. Anyways Ji Jin Hee was amazing on ep 116 i had even forgot he had an extra tack thing,lol


Shin Se Kyung (ep 57,58,103)

This was another guest i misjudged, surprisingly she is very competitive as well. Or maybe RM just brings the competitiveness out in people, she didn’t try so much to look cute or pretty, though there were times but it wasn’t excessive and it didn’t interrupt the flow of the episode. Actually after watching her in rm I kinda ship her with kwang soo,lol


Jung Yong Hwa(5,11,17,35,36,59,60,104)

I really think yong hwa loves running man since he has been on the show 6 times to a total of 8 episodes, of course recently he hasn’t been on im guessing after the hong kong ep he realized rm wasn’t the same as in the start. Either way he is another one of my favorite guests he sheds his idol image and becomes one with the running man cast and if he decided to join RM i would be up for it.


Park Jin-Young:JYP(92)

Even though he came out in only one episode I wasn’t disappointed in fact i was very surprised. I had always imagined him as someone serious outside of his dream high character but he was actually kinda goofy and funny,lol I really enjoyed his episode and i really do hope he comes out again.


Song Ji Hyo (2-present)


Even though she is a permanent cast member now she came in as a guest and even from the beginning she was awesome. She didn’t hold back didn’t try to look cute or pretty or anything this is why she is my favorite and all time guest,lol She is also my favorite member but then again is my bias now,lol


So what are you favorite guests on running man?


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