Drama updates

Recently I haven’t really really done reviews or quick thoughts on the dramas i’m watching but that’s basically cause what “drama schedule” I had was thrown away! and all thanks to netflix,lol and then again well since dr jin and TTBY ended on tv i just naturally switched somehow to netflix. But here’s what ive been doing lately;


– I tried watching The Great Seer and Madame Butterfly but I just couldn’t watch them since it didn’t grab my attention.

– Re watched Stars Falling From the Sky in 4 days

– Watched Flower Boy Ramyun Shop in a week, would have finished sooner but I got distracted by SFFK,lol

– Stopped watching Arirang and not cause i don’t like it but cause i decided to wait it out and watching it on tv,lol it’s almost at the episode where i am. I will have to check today cause im not very sure how close it is but ima finish it on tv and then i’ll do a review on it,lol

-Still watching Faith and almost cried with what happened with the queen =(

– Right now i’m watching operation proposal or proposal daikusen in Japanese but…idk maybe I should just stop watching Korean remakes of Japanese dramas. I’m just asking to be disappointed, so far there hasn’t been a Korean remake that i’ve truly liked and i find them ok*sometimes* and maybe fallen in love with a character here and there but never the drama as a whole.

– I’m actually planning to watch all of the drama i haven’t watched on netflix, though not many since I’ve seen about half of what they are offering.

– Started watching king of drama but i think I’ve upset the kdrama gods since i can’t get past ep 1 and not because I don’t like it but because I’ve gotten distracted but mostly because every time i try watching my internet seems to choose that it’s the perfect time to go super slow.

– I don’t think i’ma watch Cheongdamdong Alice and I Miss You. Though i’m a fan of MGY and i really wanna see another drama with Yoochun in it they haven’t gotten my attention or at least i won’t watch them till they come out on tv. But i am gonna see Jeon Woo Chi,lol

-Started seeing korean movies again and saw The Wig a couple of days ago so expect a review on it this weekend.

– I also kinda stopped watching we got married though i still watch it when im bored it’s a weekly thing as it was in past. I like the shoulder couple but the other two couples…idk maybe next season will get better but it’s gonna be a while until that happens.


So this is what i’m currently doing! ^___^


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