Movie Review of the Week # 20

Hansel and Gretel

This weeks movie review is…Hansel and Gretel

Synopsis: This movie is about a man named Eun-su(Cheon Jeong-myeong) who gets into a  traffic accident when fighting with his girlfriend and ends up in the hospitality of a family at a house called “the Delightful Children’s Home”. After staying the night, Eun-su senses somethings wrong with the family and when trying to leave discovers he’s not able to. Soon secrets are started to be revealed and his fight to get out of the house starts.

Though this movie is classified as a horror type of movie it didn’t have much horror in it,lol It was more a freak you out, creepy kinda movie I expected one thing when i started watching it and ended up with something else entirely it wasn’t exactly the Hansel and Gretel I had in mind. The actors were awesome though especially the child actors they really freaked me out, overall it was an ok kinda movie. Wouldn’t recommend it as a must watch movie but if you are bored and have the time then this movie is a good one to pass the time, I wouldn’t really consider it a waste of time or anything like that. I think they could have done more? or something different with the movie, by the end it sorta left me wanting for more not more of the movie time but more to the plot. I was expecting to scream or something since i am sorta of a scary cat  but this one didn’t really make me jump or anything so it was weak in that departments so if I had to give it a rating then I would give it a 3/5.

Here’s the trailer and I watched this on Netflix but you can find it on YT


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