Flower Boy Ramyun Shop ep 1-7 Review

So yesterday I was bored and browsing through Netflix and after watching Hansel and Gretel*which i’ll make a movie review later* i came across this drama and thought eh why not? So yesterday I watched two episodes and would have watched more but it was midnight so i went to sleep and today i watched 5 more episodes. I guess the pretty much states how i feel about this drama,lol So far I’m really loving this drama all the cute boys…i meant the awesome plot,jaja But sometimes i feel a little disturbed by it at least when it come to the love line between the leads. As always they make the second lead perfect and once again I’m in love with him, and i love crazy rooster?? and every time he smiles his dimples are just soo cute!!! That girl doesn’t deserve him! I wonder how old he is cause I’m like totally single 😉

Either way even though i’m totally hooked on the love line I keep forgetting that he is after all in HS, so isn’t this drama sorta giving us permission to be pedo-noonas,lol If they were gonna do a hs-college couple then maybe the male lead should look more of the part of a high school kid. Though his maturity is of one come on even i thought he was in college. It just doesn’t seem right, it kinda gives me a sweet 18 kinda vibe on the part where ones in high school while the other is way older. For example in sweet 18 she was well 18 and he was a 28 yr old prosecutor who got married and here he’s 19? in love*cause its obvious by now* with a 25 yr old. If he was out of high school then i guess but he’s not, he’s still going to school still considered i guess a “minor”,though I’m loving the drama the random though of “HE’S IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!” comes out  but here I am still watching it. From what I’ve seen i’m really liking this drama I’m just upset over the fact that why didn’t I watch this sooner! If you haven’t watched it then I suggest you do, even though I’m not finished with it I think you will enjoy at least first 7 episodes, at least I did.


2 responses to “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop ep 1-7 Review

  1. FBRS is not a drama I really enjoyed all that much for that very reason. I found the leads to be an odd pair and both had annoying personalities. However, I finsished watching the drama because like you, I loved the second male lead. He’s too adorable!!

    • to say the truth i’m not very sure myself why i like this drama, the story line is a bit…idk. But I do love all the handsome guys and i think maybe that’s why I mostly watch it,lol But i do love the second male lead and i’m kinda hoping she does end up with him, it would make more sense but if she ends up with the younger guy,legal or not, it would still be a bit weird for me.

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