How to get a guy to like you…kdrama style

After watching so many dramas I think I have the basics down on how to get a guy to like me or different techniques to use, all this time the answer was in my screen I just hadn’t realized,lol So i’m going to share some of the tips or tricks I’ve learned, though I haven’t tested them myself but it seems to work for the actresses over and over again.

1) Don’t use shampoo! guys seem to like the smell of soap, weird I know but it seems to work. For example in my tutor friend when she’s healing his wounds after a fight he asks her what shampoo she uses and she states that she doesn’t, she uses soap*example also applies for the next tip*

2) Know first aid skills!  Guys like it when you heal their wounds after a fight with several guys.

3) Become a damsel in distress, he’ll feel protective of you and eventually fall in love with you. For example TTBY how many times was she rescued by both male leads?

4) Be poor!! Your chances of getting the guy go up about 99%, but the good poor not the ambitious one or a good poor one is gonna show up and take him away. For example BOF, Secret Garden, MNIKSS and Shining Inheritance.

5) One of the most important ones! you have to hate him at first and be sure to bicker about everything ok don’t forget. For example Shining Inheritance,and BOF.

6) It kinda goes hand to hand with #5. A way to speed things a long, is basically act like a tomboy in front of the guy and then act all girly and flirt in front of him with another guy. It will get him curious as to why you don’t like him, perfect examples are secret garden and king 2 hearts.

7) Even if you like the guy friendzone him! guys want what they can’t have. It works don’t believe me? ask all the second male leads,lol

8) Get stuck somewhere with the guy you like. For example in BOF they got stuck in the elevator, in Witch Yoo Hee they got locked in a tv studio, in Arang & the Magistrate they got stuck in the cave when they fell off the cliff.

9) I recommend the following tip only if you really like him,lol Take a bullet, an arrow or a sword slash for him and save his life for example in The Princess Man when she took an arrow for him, or Rooftop Prince where she ate the poisoned persimmons? but i think that’s a bit too much,lol

10) Obsess over the guy and he’ll eventually like you and example would be ISWAK and TTBY.


So these are ten tips to go by…or not,jaja but it seems to work a lot in kdramas so if you decide to test them make sure to let me know how it goes,lol


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