Movie Review of the Week # 19

This week’s movie review is…

oh God this is a horrible synopsis just skip it if you want (-__-)


Yeo Kyung-jin(Jun Ji-hyun) is a police officer who arrests Go Myung-woo(Jang Hyuk) thinking he was a purse snatcher when he actually was chasing after the robber himself. Due to circumstances they are handcuffed together and follow some gangsters who are gonna make a deal and since they are handcuffed together she takes him along. Soon she realizes he is a good guy and they start dating but due to something he gets shot and dies she then becomes depressed and tries various times to commit suicide.


According to other reviews this movie was gonna leave me crying and it was simply just gonna break my heart. It was even on a list of top tear jerking(?) korean movies, and I guess because of that my expectations of this movies was a bit high. So when I watched it I was preparing to end up crying but I didn’t, in fact there were times I actually skipped a bit especially after he died.  I’m kinda scared to admit it because maybe I’ll upset some of you but I actually found this movie a bit boring…it did have its moments but they were very few. Overall I think it was all right not something I would really recommend to watch but if you are kinda curious on the back story of my sassy girl then you could watch this one. If I had to give it a rating…it would be a 2.5/5, didn’t hate it but didn’t love it either. I think it could have been a better story but the last 30 minutes didn’t really help it either but I guess it was just there to create an opening for a sequel or something.


Here’s the trailer* well not really a trailer, im not sure what to call it,lol* You can find this movie on YT


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