The Great Seer ep 1 Quick Thought


As I am seeing the first episode i can’t believe what i’m seeing i really can’t this is the first time where I have seen a bed scene!! Usually I see them in movies but in a drama? omgee,lol

and its the king from QSD too,lol

Not sure what this drama is about since im watching on the tv it’s the drama that started after TTBY and it has Ji Jin Hee in it*my reason to watch it* but ugh 20 minutes in and I already have a long list of people I hate,lol Basically I think this drama is during the same time period as in Faith, because they are under control of Yuan I just wished they at least had the same clothing so here are some of my quick thoughts,but i think its basically a list of rants I think it’s gonna be a while till i warm up to this drama.


-what’s with the clothing? like really? i feel like im kinda watching a historical Chinese drama, but I guess since they are under the yuan they have to dress like them?

See what I mean?

– The queen in faith is wayy prettier too, but this one is kinda pretty too,lol

I like that she tried to stand up against the guy, shows shes a good queen.

-Is this the time before the 3 kingdoms?

– why are priestesses always evil? and aren’t they supposed to be “pure” how can they sleep around?,lol

-I hate the envoy or whatever he is called from Yuan, he looks creepy and i just wish someone would chop his head off.

– Finally Ji Jin Hee!! but what with the costumes?! and he’s crazy…

Is it weird that I instantly recognized him?


Ok so far this drama hasn’t given me anything to keep watching it but I know I will…why? because there is nothing else to watch. Well i could watch A&M but its like around ep 7? well basically at the episode where she fell of the cliff when getting rescued by dol sae. That’s idk how many episodes back so i’ll just watch The Great Seer and talk about how much I hate it or how I think i’m in love with that drama.

So i created the facebook just in case you guys wanna go take a look,lol


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