A werewolf boy


I’m soo excited for tomorrow because guess what?! I won a pair of tickets to see a screening of A werewolf  Boy with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young!!! I basically had to like the FB pgs of those organizing the event and then take a screen cap of my comment and email it to them of why I wanted to see the movie. And today when I checked my email I saw an email from the organizers and I just read the words congrats and I started screaming and jumping like I won the lottery. Yes I know maybe I exaggerated a bit but I was soo happy that I actually won something! So tomorrow is the screening and since I don’t really know many people who like kdramas and kmovies I’m taking my brother,lol who is the only one who has the patience with me when I don’t stop talking about this drama or about what happened in running man,lol There is just one problem well I least I hope it isn’t what if it doesn’t have subs? I hadn’t thought about until i told my friend about it and she was ” Is it going to have subs? How are you gonna understand it?” So I hope and pray to the kdrama gods that it does have subtitles but even then I’ll just go crazy every time SJK comes out plus I know he doesn’t have much dialogue so its ok…either way expect a review from it after I watch it. If I don’t post a review on it it’s because I wasn’t able to write it without giving spoilers and I don’t wanna spoil it for you guys,lol


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