Faith ep 15 Super Quick Thought

I can’t say how awesome ep 15 is!! i kept repeating omg over and over again and squealing and no one kissed anyone!,lol Lord Gi Yeol(?) thought he was soo smart and could control anyone any way he wanted but in reality he got someone wayy worst than him. In the end the one who was getting played was him and all this drama in the palace I’m just loving it. I love the bromance between the general and the king he was so hurt thinking the general had turned his back on him, sometimes i even feel like shipping them,lol

hes basically told the king “why wont you look at me?”

And the other counselor dude was jealous of that bromance he’s basically throwing a tantrum to get the kings attention and in a way he is but not the way or with the results he’s expecting. Not realizing that he’s been used by the king’s uncle(?), I gotta say this dude is smart kinda reminds me of Kim Chun Chu from QSD. Acted all dumb and slow but he knew exactly what was going on and just looking to see which group would be to his benefit.  He’s basically making everyone else do the work to make him king, i really can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode! I especially loved the scenes between the dr and the general *im very bad with names,lol* i thought it was so cute and when he smiled omg i would have wanted to be sick as well too,lol

 and they way he embraced her after she woke up from drinking the antidote. I guess she was too sick to realize how he was embracing her, isn’t that too much skin ship for that time? I guess by now its obvious he likes her to the point that he basically did go against the king and stole his seal,regardless of what other message he was trying to convey, he asked the king to give up his seal for her. Some of you may kill me for this but sometimes I’m reminded of the movie frozen flower*don’t hit me too hard please* maybe it’s the queen’s costume*which i love by the way* or the bromance between the king and the general. But then I remember the general likes the dr now, and the king loves the queen* i hope* so it can’t be,lol But i think it’s mostly the clothing that reminds me of it I think maybe both things have the same timeline and are under the ruling of the yuan or something like that, basically under what is china now. Either way this episode was awesome! So this is my “super quick thought” that in the end wasn’t so quick and short,lol sorry!

My favorite scenes in this episode

so cute how the queen is trying to console him ^__^


aww he looks like he’s about to cry.


Quick question is this the guy the white-haired guy likes?cause he does like him right?or something like that,lol





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