My favorite actresses

As kdrama addicts we all have our soft spot for certain actors/actress that even though the drama isnt that good we keep on watching it just because of them. To put them in a list of who my favorite actors and actresses are together would take up the whole page,lol so for now I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite korean actresses…

p.s they are not in any order of good looks or acting skills, it would be hard to decide anyways,lol

Kim Ha Neul

First of all I have to say I’ve been a long time fan of her,even before A gentleman’s dignity. I’ve seen a lot of her movies such as My Girlfriend is an Agent, Almost Love, Blind, Too Beautiful to Lie, My Tutor Friend, Dead Friend and You’re My Pet. I’ve always thought she was an amazing actress and so far all the movies I’ve seen with her have become some of my favorite movies.

Moon Geun Young

I just love this girl as an actress, i loved her in My Little Bride, Innocent Steps, Love Me Not, A Tale of two Sisters,  The Painter In the Wind, Cinderellas Sister, Mary Stayed Out All Night. Though MSOAN and CS weren’t my favorite I thought her characters were ok it was just the writers that didn’t do a good job with the story line especially in CS, either way I’m really looking forward to her next drama, I think its a historical one ^^


Kim Sun Ah

Another awesome actress in my opinion loved her in MNKSS, When it’s at night, City Hall, Scent Of a Woman, I do, I do and She’s On duty. So far i think all her dramas have been awesome and i think she does an amazing job with all her characters so much she even made me cry in Scent of a Woman.


Ko Hyun Jung

I have another confession to make and it’s that for a while i thought she and kim sun ah were the same person at least when i first saw her in What’s Up Fox but it was when i had just started to watch kdramas so its understandable…right? Either way i liked her in What’s Up Fox, H.I.T and then super duper loved her in QSD for ovbious reasons, though i haven’t watched her most recent drama which was daemul in 2010 but whenever she decides to comeback to the small screen i’ll be waiting for her with open arms.


Ha Ji won


I’ve realized i have watched more of her movies than dramas such as sex is zero, 100 days with mr arrogant, love so divine, Haeundae, duelist and sector 7 but so far i’ve loved her in King 2 Hearts and Secret Garden so she has won her place as one of my favorite actresses.


Song Ji Hyo


I do admit that from all the previous actresses that i’ve mentioned Ji Hyo is my bias,lol and through running man i have become a fan of hers. . .I had only seen her in Frozen Flower,Goong,Jumong, and Wishing Stairs though before running man i thought that it was 4 different actresses,lol But after running man and looking her up i found out they were the same person and after watching her in Crime Squad and Gye Baek it just further told me she’s a great actress as well. I especially liked her in Gye Baek and her transformation from good to evil no thanks to Ui Ja…anyways i’m really looking forward to her movie Jackal Is Coming and can’t wait to watch it.


Well these are my favorite actresses i could have sweared that i had more but i guess not. Who are your favorite actresses and why do you love em so much?


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