Arang and The Magistrate ep 11 Quick Thought

After watching ep 11 can A&M get any better??!! i screamed so loud my whole family came running, like really, to ask what was wrong, of course after they knew why i screamed I got yelled at,lol but at that moment I didn’t care about the”omg again with her chinese people”*i know*,”i thought something had happened” comments. Because after 11 episodes we finally get this…

I even replayed it just to make sure it had happened, but when it happened it totally but totally caught me off guard because i didn’t expect it. Obviously none of the other people watching expected it too judging by the comments that followed that scene. Since well its pretty obvious he likes her except he hasn’t admitted it but with all those jealous scenes,worrying about where she is or who’s she’s with it was becoming obvious*at least to us fans,lol*  Though he tries to excuse it saying “he was sharing breath with her” we all know the truth,lol you could see it in his face how worried he was about her. Though I loved that scene i felt sorry for the young master because he looks like he really likes her, just look at his poor face

He looked like he was about to cry even i felt like crying myself after being so happy…maybe i have problems. That’s the problem with love triangles and one sided loves they are too cruel, they make you fall in love with the characters and then leave you in tears when they dont end up with the one you picked. Just once I would like to see the main female/male lead end up with the second female/male lead imagine the chaos anyways…back to the topic I actually felt kinda sad for the guy. But then he stormed into his room and did this face

aww didnt get a good screen cap but it was an evil face, full of fury I promise but well you watched it so you know. After that i’m worried what if he actually now brings her over to his house and gives her to the witch or whatever she is, in a fit of if she’s not mines she’s nobodies. I really want to think positive things about this guy because so far he hasn’t show any true signs that he’s evil or something so i’m giving him the benefit of the doubt as some would say. I still have about 9 episodes to go and i’m really hoping for another kiss or at least for their relationship to move up a notch or something. Well this is my quick thought well more of a reaction to that awesome kiss,lol and im loving the relationship between dolsae and the shaman they look soo cute together!


2 responses to “Arang and The Magistrate ep 11 Quick Thought

  1. I know, the kiss is so good 😛 But poor Joo Wal…
    Nothing’s probably ever going to work out for him since he isn’t the lead.

    • I know!! if someone kissed me that way I would melt like butter,jaja
      True he had to kill Lee Soo Mi(?) who he obviously liked and now i think hes gonna be forced to do it again, second leads never get the girl =/

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