To The Beautiful You Final Thoughts

So I just finished seeing TTBY on tv and again i have to say i’m disappointed with yet another bad ending drama,lol This ending for me was way too mushy and slow for my taste. It felt like it was dragging on or something and “felt uneventful, straight-forward and unemotional” according to my brother. Even though it was maybe meant to be sad like when she was saying bye to tae joon in her own way I found it too weird too i’m not sure,lol Overall the drama was funny,cute and full of eye candy*at least in the first 6 episodes?* I fell in love with Eun Gyeol(?) and it just broke my heart to find out he’s actually 19! but then I got happy today when i found out the dorm leader was 25 ^_^ I’m not sure if the tv episode is edited but in what episode did the female teacher start to like the coach? I think i’ma have to rewatch the last 3 episodes on my laptop cause i’m really curious how all that started,lol Like I said this drama was good, cute boys, funny parts and cute at times but I think I can safely say this is not going in my list of favorites,lol or would recommend to watch it, in the end for me this drama turned out to be one to just pass the time. Though I fell in love with the actors as individuals, as a whole it didn’t bring out much for me. If I had to give this a rating it would be a 5/5 based on looks but overall I would give it a 3.5/5.



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