Movie review of the Week # 18

Ima try a new style for this weeks movie review though a little late here it is. This weeks movie review is….

Never Ending Story

* this is my try at a synopsis,lol*


Dong Joo(Uhm Tae Woong) is a happy go lucky kinda guy, who doesnt work and whose only plan in life is to win the lottery. Song Kyung(Jung Ryeo Won) is a bank teller, that for everything in life she has a set plan/schedule for. On the same day they are both diagnosed with a terminal illness with only 3 months to live. After meeting a few times, she asks him out and eventually together start planning for their funeral.

*what do you think?,lol*

I really liked this movie it wasn’t sad or anything*given the plot it has*, and even when there was a sad moment by the end of the movie I couldn’t really feel sad. It wasn’t that the actors weren’t good, or it wasn’t a touching moment cause it was, but until the point the male lead starts crying. That’s when I started laughing instead of feeling sad, won’t spoil it though watch it and try to guess why I laughed. Overall it was a very good movie it was cute, funny and had a good amount of romance, I liked the ending though it was kinda sweet.  Wouldn’t say this is a must watch but it’s definitely something to add to your watch later list. If I had to give it a rating then i would give it a…3.5/5

Here’s the trailer,it’s a better synopsis that what i wrote,lol. I actually downloaded it but you can find it on YT.


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