Reply 1997 Final Quick Thought

Beware the following quick thought, it is more of a rant,lol read at your own risk. Maybe I’ll write another review once i calmed down. Thanks for your understanding*bow* oh and it contains spoilers! for those who havent watched it, so read at your own risk.

Reply 1997 I have just one thing to say to you…I HATE YOU!!!!

ok it’s not the only thing but I literally cried when it wasn’t the older brother, even when the older brother met the doctor I knew where it was going but i refused to accept it. I didn’t even see ep 16 after he said he was the father I just skipped through the whole ep just so I could say I finished the series. I can’t say how disappointed I am, because I truly am. why can’t it never be the second lead, why??  Overall this was a good drama I liked the way the whole drama was outlined, going back and forth between the past and the future and not for one second becoming confusing. Though I do admit the kisses were omg, but I just never truly saw them as a couple but more like siblings, and when he confessed to her in the karaoke room I felt like he was making her feel guilty over the fact that she never noticed how he felt about her because that’s the way I felt about it. It’s like seriously? just because he liked her she had to return those feelings? then what about the girl who brought him a cake, and then the pillow? how do you think she felt when he refused her cake? and  when he didn’t even bother accepting it. Yet he is able to feel a victim because she didn’t realize his feelings?? Even till the end the brother gave up for him, of course I think he understood they loved each other but at least he found someone else and is getting married.

Since I skipped ep 16 didn’t get to really see what happened to Jun Hee, poor guy maybe he should take yoon jea to a karaoke room and confess too,lol  In the end this was a great drama actually, apart from the ending,lol I loved the messages it gave about family, to take care of your parents,your brothers/sisters because you never know what can happen in the future. And you don’t want to regret not talking to them, or putting them attention when it’s too late. I was actually very touched with the story about shi won’s great uncle’s story, being jealous of his older brother and trying to be more successful than him but in his time of need regardless of the way he treated his older brother he was the one to save him and care for him. Even when it wasn’t his fault his younger brother was in jail he apologized to him, as if apologizing that he didn’t take care of him better. But I guess the moral of this drama  is that you end up with the one your destined to be, it sometimes takes longer than expected and not when you want it but if it’s meant to happen it will. So if I had to give this drama a rating it would be a 4/5.


P.S am i the only one who was hoping she would end up with the older brother? cause by the comments I read every one was going for yoonjea =/


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