Reply 1997 ep 6-9 thoughts on who’s the husband + review

First let me start by saying OMG are you kidding me?! I think*at least in my opinion* that its sooo freaking obvious who her husband is. I don’t think it takes a genius to figure it out*hopefully ‘im not biting my own tongue with this* but it’s obviously the older brother. Here are my reasons why…

1) She does not see yoon jea as a guy she only see’s him as brother, she doesn’t respect him or anything at all.

2) He doesn’t act like a guy in front of her and he does everything for her, even when she doesn’t ask him he’s still there doing things for her. Even at the start of ep 9 he fixes her bowl so she can eat better.

3) By the beginning or end*cant remember* of ep 8? where  taewoong*older bro* introduces her as darling something cause we are “blocked” at the end of the sentence by someone. But if you stop and think about it would you introduce someone as my darling sister-in-law?? no right?

4) at the start of ep 9 where they hand over the baby’s pic to the father you can tell it’s the older brother cause it seems likes he’s putting something away in his wallet.


In my opinion I hope it is the older brother, he actually looks like a really nice guy. Think about it he’s hardworking, he’s good-looking, he’s smart, he’s tall, he’s a good brother, he’s become a candidate to the presidency!*and yes i think i can take the messiness in fact if he were my husband i think maybe half of the mess could be mine,lol*, and every time I see his interactions with siwon it doesn’t have a sibling feeling to it. Unlike with yoon jea(?) that it seems more like siblings fighting over something and if they end up together…omg i think ima call the writers of this show,lol


I just have to write some quick thought about these episodes,lol


– Hak Chan and Yoo Jung and sooo cute together I seriously couldn’t stop laughing in ep 8 when she screams “i’m on my period!!” when he’s just reaching for the remote control. That’s why girls it’s not good to over-think stuff cause then we look like   p.s I thought the video mix? was a sweet thing on his part unlike giving her yoon jae’s heart pillow to her cause he forgot her birthday,lol

– I cant believe she’s pregnant! totally didn’t expect that one,lol

– omg the bromance(?) of yoon jae and jun hee, he was willing to join the air force just because yoon jae was going and when he didn’t qualify he didn’t stay either. Is it wrong that im kinda shipping this couple?,lol

– I’m loving that parts where the dad is like he’s not gonna be a good batter he’s obviously a pitcher and then it turns out they become major league players that are good at what he said they weren’t good at,lol

– Yoon Jae kinda reminds me of Xia Xin(?) from it started with a kiss, her world revolved around Zhi Shu’s. If Zhi Shu wanted to be a doctor then she wanted to become a nurse, the same for yoonjae she wanted to marry a man in uniform so he wanted to join the air force to be a man in uniform. The reason she doesn’t really see him as a guy*yet,idk* it’s because he’s trying too hard in my opinion.

– The haircuts are daebak!!  i could stop laughing and exactly when hak chan opens his mouth you hear the sheep sound. Thank God i wasn’t that crazy to change my look just because of an artist,lol

– am i the only one who was going “yes oppa i’ll go out with you!”, when he asked her to go out with him?

– i fell in love with the puppies! i actually want one now,lol wonder what kind of breed  they are.


and finally i leave with you with a song,lol I really loved this song during the flashbacks on how siwon’s parents met, it was kinda cute ^^


there was another english song around minute 40 but idk who it is, anyone know?


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