So much kpop so little time

I don’t know how you guys do it to keep up with some many new artists coming out left and right, apart from the comebacks I seem to be having a hard time catching up. But I do admit I’m also having a hard time accepting these new groups when I’m barely getting into teen top,lol and im not sure if they are considered rookies anymore…anyways this are currently my favorite songs of the moment. If there are artists you think I should check out comment away ^^


– Kim Jong Kook: Words I want to say to you ft Haha,Gary

I just love this song the combination of ballad,reggae and rap just left me saying daebak over and over again,lol It all just seemed to fit together no awkward transitions or anything,lol



– Aliee: I’ll Show you

I love how this song starts all slow and then goes bam! in the chorus ^^ the way I saw it she threw away her old image to get back at the guy to show him on what he missed out on.



– K.Will: Please Don’t

I just loved but loved the ending of the MV, i was literally going omg omg! over and over again that mom came rushing to the living room to ask what was wrong,jaja but once again another song by k.will that didn’t let me down.



– Beak Ah Yeon: Love, Love, Love

This girl is an awesome singer and I think she’s new? either way her voice is incredible I loved almost all of the songs from her album. Sign me up as her new fan and hope she continues giving us more and more awesome albums as this one.



-M-tiful: All Right

I think this duo is new since I only found like 3 songs from them and so far I’ve only heard 2/3. And so far they have amazing vocals, at least in my opinion i could be tone-deaf or something,lol either way I recommend you check out this duo.



So this are currently the 5 songs I’ve recently added to my kpop playlist, I heard the new Miss A album and though I am a fan of them can’t say I loved this new one, out of all of them I only liked If I were a boy. I guess cause I thought the album was to honor? Destiny’s child so I kinda expected something different though I do admit I don’t need a man is kinda catchy and i find myself singing it sometimes. I guess it’s one of the songs I need to warm up to like Wonder Girl’s Like This,lol So recommend any new songs or artists that I should check out? my playlist needs new music the last song I added some time ago was Juniel’s Illa Illa I think,lol


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