Movie Review of the Week # 17

Haven’t been writing movie reviews in a while because I haven’t seen any movies lately but last Friday I watched this one and was left crying like someone had died by the end of it. So thought I should share this with you so this week’s movie review is…

Sad Movie

Sad Movie korean movie

This movie is basically about 4 different relationships, the first is of a firefighter and his gf who is a tv broadcaster for the deaf, the second is of a couple who break up because he doesn’t have a job or a life and in the three yrs that they have been together that hasn’t changed. To get her back he creates an agency to help break up people in order to get money and woo her back, the third is of a mother and her son who where slowly drifting apart until she becomes sick. The fourth is of a deaf girl who falls in love with an artist that visits that amusement park where she works at and her struggle to show herself to him. I loved the messages this movie had and though in the start it made me laugh from the romance and its funny moments here and there, at the end it just had me in tears because you can somewhat relate to the stories given. All the actors and actresses were amazing I even had a hard time recognizing shi min ah,lol I would totally recommend this movie, just have a box of tissues handy and if I gave it a rating it would be a 4.7/5 would have been a 5 but it made me cry but i guess that would be the point of the movie since it is called Sad Movie,lol


You can find it on YT, i think the trailer spoils it too much so DONT watch the trailer,lol



3 responses to “Movie Review of the Week # 17

    • oh it was! i was bored with nothing to do and just typed korean movies and this was one of the movies that came out i started watching it without knowing i was in for a treat ^^

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