Sadly this has happened to me ><



This was me a couple a weeks ago, I was eating hamburgers with my mom in the couch when I had*according to me* the brightest idea ever! I told my mom I’m gonna hook up my laptop to the tv and watch TTBY and since i watch it on viki i’ll switch it to spanish subs so my mom would understand. 10 minutes later i’m watching TTBY laughing, giggling and basically your normal fan-girling(?) when I turn to my mom to see her reaction towards the drama. And then my world came tumbling down she was just like whatever’s  as if she was watching the most boring thing on earth!!! So maybe I did a mistake? maybe she’s not ready for these kinds of dramas? maybe I should have put Arang and the Magistrate? Either way I took it off after the episode finished,lol I couldn’t fangirl normally after that XD I guess my mom isn’t ready for kdramas,lol It’s just sometimes a little lonely when your watching a drama by yourself and there’s no one to fan girl with, instead my family just goes*in spanish* there she goes seeing those chinese soap operas again. Even though I clearly repeat it over and over again that they are korean. And they swear that because I watch em so much I am gonna marry an asain, though they are cute/hot in the dramas I don’t think I would really marry one, most likely i’m gonna marry someone from my own culture. My only exception would be if Lee Min Ho or Daniel Henney came to my house and said they love me and a life without me wouldn’t be a life at all,lol But I think I have a bigger chance of winning the lottery than for that to ever happen XD Either way my advice would be to only try to see a kdrama with someone you are 85% sure they would like it, cause it does hurt when someone doesn’t like something your obsessing about, it doesn’t like hurt hurt,lol but it does sorta give a slap to your kdrama addict pride.


2 responses to “Sadly this has happened to me ><

  1. I think it’s just about finding the right one. Sometimes I watch with friends and they like it. It’s just about knowing what kind of things they usually watch. Good luck!

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