Hi my name is Jenny and i’m a kdrama addict…kinda

Not sure if I can consider myself a kdrama addict anymore, it’s not like everyday i sit in front of my laptop and watch different dramas I used to but now I just do it now and then. Especially since i can watch some of em on tv so I seem to have strayed a bit from my laptop to sitting on my couch and watch kdramas and seem to be happy with just those.So lately I haven’t been watching dramas as often, it being the reason why i haven’t posted in a while especially since my internet kept coming and going and not letting me watch my favorite shows and dramas. I just watched ep 114 of running man 2 days ago and ep 116 airs this weekend! and i still have yet to watch wgm as well but i did watch 3 more episodes of TTBY! yay!! But then i came to the conclusion or realization that i am so far behind on my drama viewing that even the TTBY in tv has catched up with me, im basically watching right now the episode i saw yesterday! oh boy. Apart from that i’m still in ep 9 of Arang haven’t watched padam,padam still in ep 1 of horse doctor but i saw part 2,lol still have finished ep 3 of 1997, but get this now I’m watching faith and golden time on tv. So it isn’t that I’m not watching as much, but not as often and I think the reason for my so called slump is because I’m not organized. On random times i do watch about 4 hrs of drama in a row and then a few days pass by and i repeat the process but now i’m watching an episode here an episode there watch something at night and then omg i just remembered i watch a few dramas in the morning too!! at 10 they give feast of the gods? and they also started giving flames of desire and ugh second episode and that lady pisses me off so much…anyways yea. So basically if I did a whole list of the dramas im “currently” watching and it would be TTBY,A&M, Padam Padam, Horse Doctor, Reply 1997, Faith, Golden Time,Feast of Gods(?) and Flames of desire* i guess i love getting mad* oh and dr jin so that;s a total of…10 dramas!! omg maybe im still an addict in some weird freaky way,lol but i just don’t seem to find the time for the ones that are not on tv,oh the horror. So I had a question to all my kdrama addict friends how do you juggle so many dramas? or am i the only one who’s trying to watch 10 at the same time?,lol So either way my name is jenny and I’m a kdrama addict and these are my kdrama problems,lol



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