Quick Thoughts

Today i’m free so i’m going to post some random thoughts on the episodes i’ve watched, hopefully you can keep up.

*TTBY,A&M, 1997,Horse Doctor, Faith, hopefully in that order*


– I’m on ep 11 of ttby and i can safely say it doesn’t follow the japanese version at all, except for the fact that one chick found out jae hee was a girl but thats it.

– I’m liking the oppa, it was kinda obvious he liked her,lol and quick question he’s the trouble making student from a gentleman’s dignity right? He looks more handsome in this drama except his eyes kinda weird me out but i can over look that XD

omg i just found out they are giving ttby on tv!! wed,thurs I wonder what episode they are in

– The way tea joon is jealous of the oppa is just hilarious, cant he be any more obvious?

– I agree with the viki commentors about the being similar to you’re beautiful, they seem to spoofing a lot of dramas.

– I’m loving Eun Gyeol’s imaginations more and more especially in this last episode where he was trying to figure out how they ended up sleeping together.

– I felt so bad for Eun Gyeol’s roommate and when he thought the gift was for him cause of his birthday I felt so sad that no one knew, the look on his face aww even thinking about it makes me feel sad.

– I think my opinion of the psycho dude is slowly starting to change,lol

– I’m loving all the fantasy thing, and finally some sword fighting!

– As I was thinking how cool it would be to be a reaper I realized there are no female reapers,wth! they are the servants in heaven. What? girls are not warrior enough or something,lol

– When they were both holding the pad, omg i would have died of embarrassment #_#

– Took almost 3 episodes to figure out how the beeper thing worked, I knew of their existence but it wasn’t till now that I know how they work,lol

– the kiss scene between the main leads was nice, i wished a “cute” no not cute a hot guy would come up to me shirtless and kiss me, except i wouldn’t start hitting him.

– Note to self changing from one group to another can ruin friendships,  but luckily here she cut her hair too and problem solved. I wonder if i would have done the same thing for a friend…

– Tamagachis!! that’s how you spell it right? I never had one*sad isn’t it* but a lot of my friends did.

– The new guy is kinda cute, ugh and they’re already making fun of him ><

– The only reason i’ma watch the horse doctor is cause of the awesome cast its gonna have 2 of my favorite actresses in it, plus it’s a  historical and I think Kim So Eun and Lee Sang Woo are gonna be in it too. I’ve only watched a part of it so cant say much of it.

– I’m not really liking the costumes in Faith, but if i work in the mornings now then I think i will keep watching it.

– I’m really liking the doctor character and her bickering with Lee Min Ho,lol

– So what with the super powers, and with him carrying a riot shield from the police? swat?,lol

– I like his superpower though thunder!,lol

– I’m gonna come clean I’ve seen dr jin too on tv

– I love lee beom soo(?) from history of a salary man, and I think he’s the only good actor in this drama. So many expressionless characters it’s like someone died or something.

– I do admit the surgery part was kinda cool,lol


So in the end even though im still kinda in a slump, im currently watching officially 3 dramas and unofficially 3 other dramas,lol I still haven’t been able to check what they are giving on tv but as of now I know on mon,tue they are giving faith in sbs and light and shadows on mbc*how long is that drama anyway*, and on wed,thurs they are giving ttby(im guessing) on sbs and dr jin on mbc i guess i do, i do ended, haven’t checked fri,sat,lol Ok so this are some of my quick thoughts, couldn’t remember much,lol too much info that i cant remember from which episode it is. I’ll try doing a  review for ep 3 of 1997 later.


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