Kdrama Moments

Sorry I haven’t posted in like a week but i got a job from 3pm to 11:30pm so i get home tired and straight to bed and i wake up, take a shower, eat, rest ,watch tv and then go to work around 2. Haven’t really been in the mood for dramas though through the weekend i watched 3 ep of TTBY and 2 of arang, 1 of padam padam, 1 1/2 of 1997 and a part from the horse doctor,but heres a post ive been working on for the past two weeks,lol

Some time ago I posted my top 10 things that you will see in a kdrama now instead i will list thing that can happen and things you can learn from a kdrama*i may have repeated myself*

1) Everyone is a pastry chef, somehow they know how to bake and decorate a cake beautifully by the way. Do they have cake decorating classes in school or something?

2) Bad boys are actually in the closet romantics, who would have thought,lol

3) You’ll get sick after 5 minutes of being in the rain and with a high fever.

4) All male leads know how to fight and when they do fight it’s against more than 3 guys,lol

5) There is always a love triangle, either its two guys and one girl or one guy and two girls.

6) Things in a relationship get complicated when the ex gf/bf  or wife/husband comes back from the US.

7) Everyone who comes back to Korea comes back from the US. I guess US is the place to be,lol

8) It can go from day to night  and night to day in a matter of minutes or seconds during the same scene. For example in queen seon duk when the princess got shot with the poisoned arrow and she was about to die she looked to the ceiling and stared at the night sky. From there it goes to the next scene where deokman and bidam are looking for the plant to do the antidote and it’s plain daylight. Unless somehow i missed something and it was some kind of imagination on her part, there was something wrong with that scene,lol

9) After you watch your first 3 dramas you learn your first 10 korean words: Oppa,Unni, Halmouni,Abbujji,noona,donsaeng,ajusshi, anieyo,ne,ajumma. After the first ten you have a little trouble remembering more, at least for me,lol

10) Never get so drunk that the bartender answers your phone and tell the person you might possibly hate to pick you up and then somehow manage to throw up in their car.*sorry not sure how to make this scene short,lol*

11) If you get sick an IV fixes everything unless you have cancer or something and if you do you’re gonna die.

12) Rich guys like taking girls shopping and even help pick out their clothes.

13) You can find a missing rings/necklaces in a pool or lake,lol

14) The way to finding what can possibly be the “perfect” guy, is to have saved a country on your past life.

15) Playing Go Stop ruins families,lol

16) 90% of the male leads and second leads know how to cook while 90% of the female leads don’t.

17) If the male lead and the second male lead don’t physically fight over a girl they do it over a game of basketball and if do fight it’s in  a basketball court. It always a basketball court now that i think about it,lol

18) At one point during the drama the female lead is gonna get sick with a “high” fever and the male lead or second lead is gonna take care of her. Or vice versa the male lead is gonna get sick and she’s gonna take care of him.

19) The male lead doesn’t notice he likes the female lead until she laughing about something another guy is telling her.

20) The female is 85% of the time helpless, and the male lead is somehow always aware that she needs help. It’s like if he has some sort of tracking device on her or something. Think about it how many dramas are there where the female lead doesn’t need help every episode from the main lead or second lead.

21) By your 15th? drama you know ottake,wae,samchon,mychiosso(crazy),kenchana,chincha?,agasshi, sesangnim, ya!

22) You also learn historical titles like Chona/Jowa(?), Suk Bin, Mama, Wang Bin , gongjunim(?,princess), Sato, Chunchun, dali, changun(general?), Hee Bin, Gisaeng, daegun

23) Almost forgot this one after the main leads gets hurt in a major way the female leads punches him a few times to show how worried she was. Totally ignoring that fact thats hes “terribly” hurt,lol

Sorry if i misspelled the korean words,lol

So this are some of the things i can remember right now I’m actually a bit distracted since i didn’t work today and found myself watching Faith on tv*ok i admit i didn’t find myself watching, i took the control and changed the channel,there i said it XD*. So what others ones can we add to this list? According to me this was gonna be easy but I can’t think of any more to add,lol


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