Reply 1997 ep 1 Review

So I started to watch Reply 1997 and so far its good, so far in my opinion there are no cute guys but then again lets see what happens by the end of the drama,lol But I had one thought when watching this episode and it was that one of them was wearing earphones(left) not the headphones(right).

I’m trying hard to remember if there were earphones in 97 but then again i was 9? then,lol but i’m sure earphones came out a bit later. I wish I knew H.O.T so maybe i could get more into it, I guess H.O.T was like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys for me but I was more of a fan of B2K,Spice Girls and destiny’s child,lol wait i think B2K came out later anyways… I think i may have to look up H.O.T though i do know who tony is so i can fan girl a bit along with the female characters.

Oh poor guy getting knock off’s I didn’t even realize it was a fake either,jaja OMG if the teachers here in the US would have been that way with us…I don’t wanna think about it,lol Didn’t anyone else realize not a single shot of HOT was shown during the concert or whatever that was,lol and what’s with the raincoats?  and when i saw the vhs’s omg,jaja I think ima love this drama so many memories of things you don’t see as much nowadays.

So turns out the teacher is the older brother*im guessing* of one of the main leads, must be weird that your own family is your teacher as well and gets to punish you just because he wants to*not saying he is, but that he has the power to do it*.Must be the worst birthday for the poor guy, he gets a knock off for a gift, gets ridiculed for it, gets punished because of the ridicule the others were doing, the girl he likes doesn’t like him hopefully the next year is better,lol  and already from the first episode they are hinting at a possible love triangle.I guess judging by when he kept asking her if to date the other girl or not that she already know how he feels about her. Which makes it kinda sad, he’s stuck in the friend zone and whats worst is that he’s her “best friend”. If she knows he likes her why make him your best friend? why torture the poor guy?

Her relationship with her mom is kinda cool, how I wish I could sing along to SUJU,CN BLUE,2PM along with my mom but then again we don’t know Korean so I don’t even wanna imagine how horrible we would sound. So far i’m liking this drama, it kinda has a bit of a blast from the past, though it is not necessarily exactly the same it does have a bit of familiarity,lol

and just some quick thoughts:

-his eyes kinda freak me out, I guess you cant always have a handsome lead,lol*no offense to those who think he’s cute =)*

– oh boy if my mom had done the same thing with the shirt, I would have cried even harder than her,lol

– I feel really sorry for the guy,lol

– I’m really wondering what else they are gonna show from the past, walk-man’s?boom boxes? Pokemon?,jaja

– omg poor dude,did she tell the whole neighborhood about the surgery,jaja

– when they were looking for the disquette(?), is it what im thinking??? a floppy disk?? omg,jaja

-are the episodes really this short? 43 minutes??


p.s. sorry if it sounds weird i’m trying to see if i should just stick to writing reviews for every other episode or writing quick thoughts instead or a mix of both  like how I just did right now. I’m kinda liking it this way,what do you guys think?


6 responses to “Reply 1997 ep 1 Review

  1. I was about to say, you are making me feel super old because I definitely remember having ear buds and earphones in the 90s lol. I actually think the male lead is super cute, and I especially like his eyes lol. I just finished watching this drama yesterday and it was honestly one of my favorite dramas ever, and maybe because I could share in the nostalgia about the 90s.

    • haha i only remember the earphones that’s why i mentioned it, i must have a bad memory. We all have our “tastes” in men*lol* to me he seems to be mad all the time even when he laughs. But who knows maybe by the end of the drama i’ll be super in love with him for example the male lead from the chaser, the girl’s dad, in the beginning of whats up fox i thought he was ugly but by the end of the drama I thought he was super cute and still do to this day XD So far im liking it especially when they bring out little things from the past, and now i’ve finally understood how beepers work,jaja

      • Yep we do all have different taste in men and that’s good because we’d all be screwed if liked the same guys lol. I get what you mean, there’s been a few dramas where I didn’t start out thinking the guy was very cute and then I end up thinking he’s really cute by the end.

        Oh beepers, I remember those….

        • oh yea it would like ww3 without weapons of any kind and yet the worst war in history,lol
          yea i think its just the drama that makes him charming? idk i’ll have to think about why it happens,lol

  2. i think earphones did exist. I mean, there were walkmans and stuff. I think headphones were a bit older.

    This sounds a bit like how I met your mother, am I right?

    • I actually looked it up and earphones came out in the 1980’s so yup they did exist,lol and yes headphones came out way earlier the first ones came out in 1919,lol just a quick random fact
      and now that I think about it it kinda does sound a bit like how i met you mother,lol

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