Movie Review of the Week # 16

Wow it’s been almost  3 weeks without doing this. Since I’ve stopped watching dramas*im sort of in a slump? not sure what to call it* I have started watching asian and american movies again yesterday I saw the vow which made me tear up a few times,lol and today I watched an asian one which I thought you guys should totally watch. So this weeks movie review is…

Love is not Blind

Though it is classified under romantic comedy I didn’t see much romance, or maybe  there was but not the kind that the lets trip and fall together and fall in love like in kdramas. We start this movie with the various times the main female lead ended a relationship with a boyfriend and we get to the current one who she was engaged with but comes to find out he was cheating on her with her childhood friend. This movie isn’t about her trying to get back at him, or back with him but this movie is simply about the process of breaking up, dealing with the break up and getting back up again and through all this her coworker helps her just when she feels like giving up. I loved this movie because it focused on why the break up happened and how she got over it and not by simply starting to date someone else and falling in love with someone else. Because in reality it takes weeks and months to get over someone and even then sometimes not completely and this is what this movie is about. I totally recommend this movie though the romantic in me wanted a bit more of romance, I can see why it wasn’t included much*if at all*. If I had to give this movie a rating then it would give it a 4/5.

Here’s the trailer


Not sure if you can find it on Netflix but I found this on 1channel



11 responses to “Movie Review of the Week # 16

  1. Yes, absolutely! A break is always good 🙂
    Funny thing is, I really liked Glory Jane up until episode 10. Then it went into terrifying makjang meets crappy writing/sloppy production territory and that’s about when I checked out. OK, I lie. I hung in there until episode 12 or 14 – can’t remember.
    I didn’t watch Jin either. I learnt from my previous mistakes haha plus those trailers were terrible.
    And if there were awards for worst drama ending ever, Fashion King would win. Hands down! The deaths in King 2 Hearts just tore me to pieces (first the hyung, then his trusty sidekick – really, show, really!?) but that’s what made the story so good too.
    Anyhow, I’ll take your advice and give Arang a shot.

    • Yup ^^
      I sometimes think that when dramas start out good and then somewhere in the middle they start to go “bad” it’s because they changed director/writers or something.
      I’ve watched part of the japanese version of dr jin and from what I saw I thought it was good and have in mind i dont really like old historical japanese dramas so i didnt bother watching the korean version, since in my opinion they tend to kinda tear apart the original, expect to the beautiful you,lol*so far*
      and yes fashion king would win like without a doubt,lol I read the comments on the viki video and i was glad to know everyone felt the same as me about the drama.
      OMG i actually cried when the king died and im not afraid to admit it,lol He looked like such an incredible older brother that i wished he was mine XD they just had to kill two awesome characters =( but true that’s what made it good. Watching every week to know if they would catch the guy or not.
      Well good luck, hopefully you like it as much as I do ^^

  2. Hi there! Just wanted to pop in and see how you’re doing. I totally relate to your recent sentiments of being in a slump. Although things have been super busy on my end, I was also disappointed in this summer’s TV fare and didn’t feel like there was much to write about. Big was a disappointment, especially since I adore Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung. I Do, I Do was boring – I couldn’t get past the first two episodes. Dr. Jin is not even worth mentioning – I didn’t think anything could be worse than Glory Jane or Fashion King but every now and then something rolls around to take first place ;). And yeah… the rest, I didn’t bother watching as they didn’t sound too interesting to me. Having said all that, there were a few really awesome dramas – reply 1997 and gaksital come to mind – that had me glued to my screen … but not much else? Maybe my standards have become a lot tougher to meet now that I have less time for entertainment? But then I tuned in to Nice Guy and the fire is back! There is so much goodness rolled into each episode that I sometimes wish I had just waited until the show was off the air and could marathon it. Anyhow, hope you’re well and that you’ll come out of your drama slump soon!

    • Hey! yea sometimes i’m in the middle of an episode and then i just feel like not watching it anymore and just save it for later but sometimes days pass by and nada(nothing). So i decided to stop for a while but I guess i can’t really keep away cause i started reply 1997 yesterday and watched a bit and liked it,lol I didn’t see Glory Jane but I did see parts of Fashion King and all I can say is that it kept going in circles and circles and in the end, lets just say I wished they had shot me instead,lol Have you tried King 2 Hearts? I loved that drama,lol Didn’t watch dr jin since it didn’t really grab my attention enough to try watching it, and I thought I do, I do was good but not one of my top 20 dramas,lol

      • OMG. Reply 1997 will have you up all night … and then replaying it for another marathon. I can safely say that tvn is officially my favorite network. They just keep pushing the bar on what makes good TV. King 2 Hearts was really good for around 80% of the episodes then they went and killed my favorite character and um, yeah. But it was gooood. As for the rest, meh. Avoid Glory Jane at all costs… pretty much as terrible and never ending as Fashion King was only there we could throw in fauxcest too.
        I can 100% relate. Sometimes, I get to ep 18 of a 20 ep show and have no desire to finish it… Having said that, I find that getting away from kdramas for a while can be healthy – not just because we come back refreshed and with a new perspective (great for the creative juices!) but also because we come to appreciate the good shows more 🙂

        • Luckily I waited for this drama to end to decide if to watch or not cause now i can give myself the luxury to watch as many episode in a row as I want and for sure I think it is something ima be doing. So true!! I actually almost cried when he died,lol and I don’t plan to watch Glory Jane even the name doesn’t call out to me,lol and Fashion King they should make an award for worst ending/drama of the year,lol
          Yup that whats happens to me too, it took like three months for me to finish Cinderella’s sister*though there can be another reason for that*.
          True what I found awesome in one drama after a while it just seems blah and after a while gone you kinda start seeing things a bit different and like discovering a different view of seeing things.

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