Bones Season 8 Premiere

As i am watching the season premeire of Bones I cant stop going omg at every corner, it soo epic!!!!! I know this is different from my usual kdrama posts but I gotta let my thoughts out or I think ima have a mental breakdown, so ima post some quick thoughts on it.

– Blonde doesn’t go with Bones but I can understand why and her daughter is sooo cute!!

– I feel sorry for Clark nobody is respecting cause they all are expecting bones to come back soon, but I still find him sexy ^^

– It’s nice to see all the characters again ^^ I missed sweets,caroline and clark I wonder where daisy is.

– Omg hodgins almost killed pilant(?), and he looked kinda sexy doing it. *omg what is bones doing to me ><*

-So far this is becoming my third favorite episode!

-So far it looks like the murder of this woman is gonna be the key to his downfall, cause unlike the previous two episodes he has been in he actually looks a bit worried?rushed?

– This new FBI guy looks kinda handsome, I hope he continues throughout the season.

– So pilant(?) wants to die? Maybe it’s a trap and he showed “weakness” to hodgins, he know that hodgins can go to sweets soo…it could all be part of a plan right?

-they’re finally gonna get him ^^

– come on angela!

-Omg yay!! it’s finally over and noo the cute fbi is leaving!

– wait what?!!! omg i can’t believe he’s gonna get away with it!!! ugh!!! no!!!


OMG! this was an epic beginning to what I think its an obvious last season of bones either way i’m happy,im excited and can’t wait for next week!!

p.s sorry I sound so crazy but I just love this show and if a kdrama aired at the same times as it I would choose bones like ten times over it,lol


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