To see or not to see Nice Guy

While other may be excited to watch this drama because of…Song Jong Ki*forgot his name for a second there,lol* and because he’s gonna work together with Lee Kwang Soo*and in a way i am too* i’m more excited to watch this drama because two ladies that whose dramas i’ve liked are gonna work together. But what makes it more amazing for me is that these two actress are ones that i have continuously confused them to be the same person. A while back I wrote a post about people who looked the same and I often confused them to be actually one person, well in this drama the two main ladies*i’m guessing* are gonna be one of the pairs i mentioned in my post. Those ladies are none other than Park Si Yeon(green) and Moon Chae Won(white).


Of course in the drama they’re not gonna look so similar*i hope*, since by what I got from the synopsis one is gonna be “evil” and the other one is gonna be the used one*whatever that means* But I don’t like watching too many dramas at the same time since im already watching TTBY, A&M, DH2*now and then*, and just started padam padam. I like to enjoy my dramas and by watching 6 or more*like I did before* you dont really enjoy it*the reason i kinda started and stopped watching a bunch of dramas last yr* so i put myself  a limit of 3 but ugh these producers just keep throwing me new dramas left and right and what is a fellow kdrama addict like me to do,lol But maybe its a good thing i’ll watch it when i finish padam padam, so i’ll have to watch it little by little. But the synopsis for Nice Guy sounds good so most likely i will watch it but not right now,lol But I can be saying this now and find myself watching it tomorrow if the subs are out,lol


17 responses to “To see or not to see Nice Guy

  1. OMG Dream High 2 was another disaster. How could I have forgotten that one!? It joins the ranks of Fashion King only with Fashion King there was something about it that made me keep watching until the bitter end. With Dream High 2 all the endless singing (and, uh, lack of a story line) had me checking out way before the half way mark. Right now, I pretty much only have 1 drama on my watch list (Nice Guy) but that could always change. Joo Won’s got a new drama in the works – I’ll be watching that one. And since I loved Ojakkgyo Brothers, I may tune in to Seo In Guk’s new one (Rascal Sons)… so much to watch and virtually no time!!

    • jaja i stopped at episode 8 and that was about a month ago, so i think i can safely say that maybe im not getting back to that one any time soon,lol Yea I think i read an article about that but cant remember it right now. I tried watching Ojakkyo Brothers but i wasn’t able to get into that one it reminded me too much of my too perfect sons,lol

  2. My vote goes for: WATCH RIGHT NOW! 😉 It’s really, really good. It’s funny because I never would have tuned in to this if not for Joong Ki and Gwang Su. I’ve enjoyed Si Yeon’s previous works but was never a fan of Moon Chae Won … until NOW. Holy crap – chick is bad ass! And I likes it. Everyone in this drama just owns their characters like nobody’s business. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think these characters were real! Anyway, if you’re still debating, I’d recommend watching it. If not for pretty boy Joong Ki and his surprising sexiness in those white shirts (I see he’s been working out ;)) then for the tension – and amazing fiery chemistry – between the two leading ladies. Oh and Joong Ki and Chae Won are pretty darn sizzling too!

    • You make me feel like watching it right now,lol but yesterday night i started watching reply 1997 *just watched the first half to get a feel of it,lol* so i just added another drama to my currently watching list,lol But I know for sure this is gonna be on my watch next list XD

      • Definitely put it on your watch list and if any of the other dramas bore you, replace it with this one. It’s not exactly a feel-good drama (revenge and the depths of darkness being the theme and all), but it knows how to keep you glued in your seat and will have you peeling away at the layers, little by little, as you go along. That’s the sign of a good drama if any – at least for me; the ones that have you so invested that you just want to know more. Enjoy 😉

        • Oh for sure,lol I kinda stopped watching dream high 2 completely so maybe just maybe I’ll start watching it. Though ima try to finish padam padam some time in the near future, really trying to cut back to 3 dramas or at least 4,lol I love dramas that keep me wanting for more and so far the only drama that I cant wait to watch is Arang, I like the beautiful you but it doesnt have me as hooked as the other one,lol

  3. I usually use and sometimes epdrama although the last one isn’t alway that good to use….

    But I’m not sure if the dvd’s are any good. I just had a quick peek at a couple of episodes and the subtitles looked alright but…well,I got them off a streetvendor so I’m not too sure about the quality ;p

    I also got dream high season one and two for fun haha. Hope it’s good!

    • dramacrazy is good, and i agree with epdrama, it doesnt have all the episodes of a drama so i stopped using that one.
      True i bought some on ebay and though the subtitles were understandable the video was quality was a bit eh…lol
      I’ve watched dream high but the first 3 episodes are a bit boring but it gets good after that and im still watching dream high 2.

      • I watched dream high until the results of the entrance exam came out. And then that one girl got a bit down and met up with some guy…haha, don’t remember it that well. Should watch it from the beginning again.

        I also want to watch that other korean drama that is like dream high but with college students. Read it is a lot more mature and realistic. But maybe for later.

    • that’s actually happening to me right now idk why but ive stopped watching dramas completely again, even though im liking the dramas im currently watching i just cant watch them

      • So far I’ve finished everything except Queen Seondeok but will do that during break since I’ve got it on dvd now! Much more comfortable watching it on dvd than on the computer ;p

        I just finished watching IS a while ago. It’s good! And does not have that many episodes. It’s about intersexuals in Japan. It is very informative and the storyline was well thought out.

        I also finished your beautiful, liked the humor in it, it made me laugh a lot.

        Maybe something to watch on a boring rainy day! I’m also taking a break now. I think it’s good to do once a while.

        • that’s awesome watching it on tv is wayy better and more comfortable than on the laptop, and i loved that drama. I should add to my list of watch next, where did you watch it?
          Taking a break is a good idea, i love watching dramas but sometimes I just dont feel liking watching them, so i stop because i dont wanna force myself to watch em and not enjoy em.

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