Queen Seon Duk Quick Thoughts

So i’m in the middle of watching a queen seon duk marathon and i’ve noticed some things i hadnt before


-starting with by the time princess cheonmyeong(?) is dying every time she cried(deokman) you could see the outline of her tears because of the makeup.

-does revenge make you instantly smart? cause before deokman was like complete clueless and now all of sudden she coming up with schemes to defeat mishil.

-Even during my third time watching it I cant warm up to bidam, but I still love Alcheon when he keeps getting basically ignored i keep telling my tv “dont worry you become her right hand when she becomes king, just wait a little while” *crazy, i know,lol*

-If its a solar eclipse why is everyone watching the sun directly? doesn’t it hurt their eyes? and take that mishil!,lol

-ep 28-29  are by far my favorite episodes of this series, basically because i just love the look in mishil’s face XD but don’t get me wrong from all the drama i’ve watched she’s my favorite villain of all. Though i still become upset when I think of how they killed her off =(

– I love how everyone she knows is involved in this,lol even bidam who was gonna be burned at the stake.

-I wish I knew korean cause i wanna understand what they are all screaming about when the queen is crying on her knees.

-when deokman turns and exchanges looks with mishil i can keep myself from giggling,i know giggling, i’m sounding like a crazy fan girl right now huh, sorry XD

-oh this is the start of the bad looking hanboks*in my opinion*

-after she becomes a princess how does she learn all the proper wording and etiquette?

-just saw a fly? i think fly around her head when she’s talking with the king for the first time,lol

-i forgot this was the time mishil kinda went psycho,lol


Well im stop right now ive watched around 10 episodes? yes i have no life in fact i think i may be addicted to korean dramas so… Hi my name is Jenny and i’ve been addicted to korean dramas for…5 yrs


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