Padam padam ep 1 Quick Thoughts

So I’m watching part 1 of ep 1 of padam padam with a mind on hating it but…its not working,lol

This has nothing to do with me liking this drama already ^^

-is this gonna have a sad ending? maybe i should go and read what this drama is about,lol

-did she really flip him off?,lol

-where is he getting the money to buy food?for the hotel?

-I really enjoy shower scenes, especially if they have the body for the scene,lol

-Idk the main lead is kinda cute but the hair cut he has kinda bowl-shaped isn’t it? XD

-the guy following/stalking him needs to work on his stalking skills,lol so obvious. He caught you why try to hide behind a post,lol

-if i was the girl i would be creeped out, why bulge you eyes out like that it’s creepy, especially when she has already a bad impression of you. Seriously dude stop staring like you want to kill her or something,lol

-my reaction when his “son” spit at him “omg,jajaja””ewww he had his mouth open”

-wow a bunch of people saw the accident and no one rushes to help him tsk tsk tsk when they finally do go they’re like look at all that blood. Maybe it just me but i didnt see all the blood everyone was talking about

-and no one is calling the ambulance but she’s calm enough to call the ambulance,though a little late no, but at least she didn’t carry him on her back and rushed him to the nearest hospital.

-ugh there is always politics involved =/

-just ten days more, that’s all he had to wait but i guess seeing that much bullying is too much and in the end waren(?) kim dies, but I blame the cop for letting the other prisoner do what he wanted and provoke the main lead.

-…and im lost,lol I think ima have to start writting this post after I watch each episode of this drama. 1st episode and im lost already oh boy,lol

so far im liking this drama the main lead is all full of negativity(its understandable) while the other guy is positive regardless of where he is. I guess maybe that’s why he keeps saying hes an angel in order to look over the guy and keep him straight,lol  I tried looking up the synopsis but it doesn’t give much info and it seems mysoju is down again? idk but i cant seem to get to the page anyone know whats going on with that? do they have a fb pg?


3 responses to “Padam padam ep 1 Quick Thoughts

  1. Evidently drama fever is like suing mysoju for illegally subbing an posting videos and it looks as if they may permanently be taken down 😦

    You have to pay really close attention to Padam, Padam because it will mess with your head by going back and forth in time lol. The male lead has had a really tragic life and that’s why he is the way he is but you’ll find out more once you keep watching. I can write a quick synopsis for you.

    Kang Chil was framed for murder when he was a teenager and serves a 16 year sentence in prison. In prison he befriends and protects Gook Soo who turns out to be his “guardian angel” (and in a literal sense) of sorts. When he and Gook Soo are released they go back to Kang Chil’s hometown and live with his mother and Kang Chil’s newly discovered son. The story is basically about him trying to get his name cleared so the guy who framed him will leave him alone and his love story with the niece of the man he was framed for killing. Gook Soo’s story of becoming an angel also plays a huge role and he is also able to protect Gook Soo and give him several second chances (which involve crazy going back and forth in time scenes).

    I don’t want to tell you anything that will give away the end, but I promise you won’t hate it.

    • oh that sucks, kimchi drama was also taken down too =(
      Does it go back and forth very often?
      Thanks for the synopsis ^^ the one mysoju and dramafans had werent very helpful,lol but so far it has my interest.

      • No it’s just a few times that it does that. No prob. I need to get back to writing my own synopsis for the dramas I review, but I’ve been so busy that I’ve been lazy about it.

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