Arang and the Magistrate: Quick Thoughts ep 4

Ok so im watching ep 4 and here are some of my quick thoughts

-In her room there is something behind that one cover thing right? or was it her casket?

-the passage to the underworld was awesome, the colors, the graphics and just like everyone else i had the same thought too on the banana boat,lol

awesome scene by the way

-I think there must be some kind of curse involved in all of this, why? well her body hasn’t changed at all, there’s something about the moon and her fiance and idk about you guys but i get the feeling something is happening in her room you can hear like a weird noise come out from near the covers, or am i the only one who heard that?

*got my answer, should have waited till I finished the ep to comment on it,lol,but it does look a bit creepy*

-all these comments about the reaper and that he’s hot, i’m really wondering how he looks without all that makeup. Does someone know his name? When you look closely he kinda looks like ji jin hee,lol

-I like her current hanbok more,lol

-I love those mirror boxes, wonder where i can find them,lol

– I don’t like the servant from that one choi guy

– So many questions,lol what gonna happen during the full moon? why is it important? who is the locked up lady? Are they sacrificing girls every three years?every full moon?

– I’m so confused on the psycho son, he seems crazy at times and then all of sudden i can see a glimpse of a good side but he goes all serious again quickly. I give props to this actor I don’t think that’s an easy character to do.

-omg what was that ring? for sure he now knows who she is…or maybe its part of the curse or something?Like the perfect soul to sacrifice in order to be immortal?!…*bow* sorry getting a bit carried away XD

-omg the way the guy saw her when she was on top of the fence >< that wasnt the look of someone who killed someone ugh so many thoughts in my head right now @_@

-omg is she gonna get killed again?

obvious future love triangle,lol


So these are my thoughts on ep 4, cant wait to watch ep 5 tomorrow ^^


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