Top 10 things you’ll see in a kdrama

If you’ve been watching korea dramas or asian dramas for a while you know there are some things almost like 99.8% of them are gonna have.  If they don’t have like at least 7 out of the 10 of things then  i can assure you that you are not watching a kdrama if it has like 4 of the 10 then your watching another country’s soap opera,lol Because there are things that are pretty standard which i was reminded of when watching hispanic soap operas again,lol such as the if he’s/she is not mine then they are no one’s or the i’ll give you money to leave my son/daughter alone. But if you are new to the whole kdrama world here are top 10 things you’ll most likely see…

p.s keep in my mind that these are the top ten in my opinion

1) The back hug


Oh God this is the most classic move there is though lately I think i haven’t seen it that much or I’ve stopped noticing it,lol Even though it is often used I can’t help it if an ” omg” or an “aww!!” escapes from my lips i’m a romantic deep inside XD

2) The Piggy Back Ride

piggy back ride

It doesn’t matter if the girl is drunk or not, cause somehow =/ it’s either they are drunk and have to be carried or the relationship has advanced to the stage where he can carry her without her being drunk or…almost forgot she has a sprained ankle because she fell. *i’m not liking how this sounds,lol but when it’s happening im all full of omg’s*

3) The Surprise Kiss

  SK 1

Another thing that is a must is the surprise kiss/es there has to be at least 1 or they’re not called a kdrama*ok, this is an exaggeration,lol* but you can count on at least one and it always comes with an opening of the eyes like an owl and then after a few seconds they kiss back,lol

4) The Byicycle/Motorcycle Scene


Couldn’t find a pic of a motorcycle scene but I have seen them i’m sure I have…right? either way this another must have on our list of things you will see in a kdrama. This one is my favorite ^^ it seems very romantic to ride a bike in a beautiful scenery with the one you love XD

5) Karaoke!

karaoke 1  kareoke 2   kareoke 3

Kareoke time! woot woot! this one is often seen too and most of the time it fun to watch as they are trying to sing their best but clearly can’t. Though there a few times when it is often used to make a connection between the two main leads, or where one of them is giving the other person a “hidden” message.

6) The Accidental Kiss


Am I sounding repetitive with this one? My brother told me it sounded the same as the surprise kiss but it is different since one is done on purpose by one of the leads and this one is done by accident because one of them is either drunk or somehow they bumped into each other, slipped and fell. How that happens i kinda wanna know so I can try it when i see a really cute guy,lol

7) The taking out the battery of the cell phone

 cell out 1

This has actually gotten really popular lately or did I just start to realize it now? I tried looking up pics of it but this is the only one i found so I tried doing screen caps for it and nothing either…lol so maybe it’s not as popular as I thought but it does happen XD

8) Eating Jajangmyung(?)


I’ve seen this been eaten so many times that I even tried making it myself just to see how it tasted like. The way they eat it made it look soo good I just had to try  it but idk mines looked weird so in the end i’m still not sure how it tastes like,lol

9) Kneeling(?) down and crying

  [Resim: 27083691.jpg]

The falling down on your knees thing I think is a bit popular on the historical dramas for the most part, though for the crying part it’s not a drama if it doesn’t have some crying in it, but regular dramas have some crying too but they are usually crouching like this…


why they cry this way i’m not sure, but I would think it’s a bit uncomfortable. I don’t find myself crouching when crying, leaning against a wall, falling on my knees all of sudden and cry or anything but  you are gonna see these crying positions often.

10) The Airport Scene


In asian dramas instead of it being “you don’t know what you have till its gone” it’s “you don’t know know who you love till they are about to leave to another country”. It’s annoying/frustrating sometimes, you see two people that obviously like/love each other but it takes for the fact that one of them has to leave for the other to realize omg i love that other person! though this scene happens now and then it’s still one of the top ten for me.

Of course there are some other ones such as the girl is about to trip but he catches her just on time or it rains and after like 5 minutes later she/he is in bed with a high fever, or the throw water on the main female leads face, >< so many moments,lol At first I thought this was gonna be a quick post I was gonna do, but I didn’t realize that it was gonna take a while to find the pics,lol so from now on ima make sure to screen cap every drama I see. What are some other ones that I missed?, I actually got stuck somewhere past # 7,lol


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