I found my happy place…even if it was for a moment

Omg i’m not sure if to be upset or happy or what but I found some awesome pics of Jang Hee Bin from Dong Yi and what does that mean to me? to you? Well…it means i found awesome pics of hanboks and i’m not sure if you can tell but i love but LOVE hanboks especially the royal ones ^^ and i plan to share my findings with you!! how awesome am I?,lol ok maybe you don’t care but I know someone out there is looking for pics of her and i’m going to give it to them XD In my opinion I think Jang Hee Bin has had the best hanboks so far at least i think that’s what they are called for someone of the royal family*as one who loves hanboks i’m a bit ashamed to say I haven’t really looked into the info on that* But here are my favorite hanboks from the selection I found and of course i’ma offer credit to where I found them  Jang Hee Bin’s Hanbok’s

[Resim: 61832141032772607093100.jpg]

After a few more pics you’ll notice I like the darker ones more,lol

[Resim: 21418668.jpg]

Still my favorite one ^^

[Resim: 26053913186336022698912.jpg]

[Resim: 23710866.jpg]

A little bright for my liking but still nice.

[Resim: hanbok5.jpg]

[Resim: 58444149140091790918100.jpg]

[Resim: 26390413186352689363912.jpg]

I wish I could see everything, but it looks simple and elegant ^^

So these were my favorites from the new ones I found, some of pics focused more on her facial expressions…not sure why. I’m currently exploring this forum but i don’t understand a word of it since it is in turkish,lol It’s not a forum just for jang hee bin, judging by the names of the dramas they have listed they find everything that has to do with the historical dramas except for the dream high one. From what i have seen it has info on the press conferences, and info on all the actors that participated in that drama and other stuff  but so far im having fun XD If i see any new hanboks i like ima update this post ^^


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