Just wondering if…

As I was watching running man today during the second mission in order to win ingredients they had to play a game of Alkkagi, and lately I’ve been seeing this thing in we got married, Arang and the Magistrate and now Running Man so I got curious and i began my search but this is all i got

and when I tried searching for the game on ebay…

and when I tried looking for a picture of it to show you guys…


this is all i got =( So i had to go look it up to make a screen cap of it

but you kinda get the idea what im talking about right? So here’s what i’m wondering

1) is alkkagi really the name of the game?

2) how do you play it?

3) where can i get one of these?,lol

4) where did it come from?

5) does it have other names by which i can find it through?

I’m really curious about this game so if anyone know something about this game do share it with me please ^^


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  1. don’t know if the question is still relevant since the post is so old, however, I ran across this page when looking for my own 알까기 board. I recently discovered if you search go set game on amazon, it will give you results with a similar board and pieces. Of course, theres some differences since it’s not a true 알까기 board, however, for recreational games it would serve it’s purpose. http://www.amazon.com/WE-Games-Wood-Pull-Drawers/dp/B0008EJXEW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1460429121&sr=8-1&keywords=baduk+board

  2. I really want to play alkkagi,but i want to know what is the stone for playing alkkagi made of?

  3. I know this post was created like 2 years ago but if you’re still wondering, Alkkaggi is a game played on a Baduk/Go board. Those boards are easy to find on Amazon or eBay! 🙂

  4. Having the same trouble however i study Korean so i managed to get some better results after a bit of searching. I got the same results as you at first literally you just screencapped what the last half hour has been for me..i saw this blog and then decided to try something new and got some results.i’ll try and answer your questions from what i already knew and what i found.

    1) is alkkagi really the name of the game?
    The name is 알까기 which is translated to alkkagi when romanised. It is a game played during Chuseok the Korean celebration of New Years and i believe it is also sometimes a given as a gift by your husband/wife on your wedding night or honeymoon as a sort of offering of affection . I believe there are similar games to it in english however i do not recall the names of these.

    2) how do you play it?
    You have two players on either end of the board just like in chess, white and black stones (alkkagi pieces) are used and spread out at the two ends of the board again just like in chess, each player takes turnes flicking or hitting their stones at the opposing players. The aim of the game is to hit all of your opponents stones off the table and leaving at least one of yours on the board.

    3) where can i get one of these?
    Well if you live outside of korea like me and i’m guessing from your words you too, it’s going to be a bit difficult finding a proper alkkagi board and stones, i believe there are digital games you can download as apps for android and iphone, but if your like me that’s probably not going to satisfy you. After typing the korean name in google i got a lot more hits and proper pictures of the actual game and also this: you can buy it from gmarket, it’s a genuine site thats used by alot of koreans and korean stars such as Gdragon from kpop group Big Bang advertise for it so its safe and pretty good if you can read korean…i can to some level but not that much so its still pretty much a dead end.

    Gmarket Alkkagi board:

    4) where did it come from?
    Well i don’t know the history but as i said before as far as i know it’s a traditional Chuseok holiday game.

    5) does it have other names by which i can find it through?
    Well as i said previously when i searched it in korean i got a lot of good google hits and pictures, however all the hits are in korean too so unless you can read korean your probably not going to get very far. So i think just like me you have two options, 1. improvise with maybe a wooden chessboard or a smoothe table with no bumps or 2. While it’s difficult to find in foreign countries i think its extremely common and well loved in Korea, most households will have an alkkagi board hidden in a cupboard ready for the next generation of kids to play with, so if you have korean friends, the next time they go down to korea to visit their family and friends maybe ask them very nicely if they could organise to bring a board and stones back with them..you’ll have to pay of course, Alkkagi boards are not cheap and they’re not small or foldable, they look like square wooden stools and they’re probably a bit heavy because they’re made out of wood but they should be able to arrange to bring one back for you you’ll have to pay for postage though, Alkkagi boards are usuallly around $60 australian but postage and stones come seperately.

    Hope i’ve been of some help, if you manage to find one online in the future let me know and have fun.


    • omg thank you so much! I’ll check out the link you gave me and if i do manage to find one i’ll let you know =) Ever since i saw it i’ve been wanting to try playing it.

      • No problem,you’re welcome, I downloaded. An app yesterday quite fun actually..still not the same though haha

        • You have to type it in Korean same as with google, go to app centre and type in or copy and paste if you haven’t downloaded the korean language in settings: 알까기 , then download the game and its pretty easy to find but have play around with the buttons till you find the right one

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