Just some quick thoughts

So this are some of my quick thoughts for ep 2 and 3 of The Beautiful You and ep 3 of Arang and the Magistrate.

– The doctor let her go so easily

– Omg! someone hold me back! How dare he slap my minho! >< and why or why are you focusing so much on the drama side of this story?? Don’t you know that you’re coming out as dramatic people to me?

– in my opinion the got the ones who play the characters for the dorm leaders wrong, the leader for dorm 1(martial arts) should be the one who is of dorm 3, dorm 3 leader(fine arts) should be dorm leader # 2, and dorm leader #2 should be the leader for dorm 1 since he’s the one who looks more athletic from the 3,lol

– Poor minho apart from living with a stalker(wearing his shoes, really?) he has one that pops up in his room as a “gift” and proclaiming she his “gf”. Don’t worry minho this noona will protect you! XD

– The gymnast girl is supposed to be hibari right? oh God how i miss the “Hibari four!” XD

– ugh seriously sometimes guys are way nosier that girls,lol

-omg that kiss was…ok,lol aww that smile!!! idk why but thanks to kdramas i now tend to focus my attention on a guys jaw line when they kiss, minho your almost there,lol

-so obvious who took the picture,lol

-is the wheelbarrow a kdrama thing now, or am i just noticing it?,lol

-aww poor nakatsu!!!*yes i know that’s not his name! but i cant help it ><*


-who eats a hamburger with a fork? and shes supposed to be american?,lol

-oh wow instead of blocking the water with the umbrella he blocks it with his body,lol

-omg i just loved the day dream” wanna shower together? you know im a kissing master” jaja

-in both versions i would so totally date the second lead,lol

-i guess they are mixing both versions

-basically they did “kiss” well more like a peck since their lips touched,lol a shame it was only a dream

– I don’t think hanboks really suit her, I guess cause i find them to be like elegant

-now that i think about it her ex fiance looks really familiar…isnt he the teacher who always gets phone calls on all my love?

– I really don’t like this kind of flying fighting and stuff, it looks soo fake. Bring out the swords I tell you!,lol

-3 years and her body is still the same? sorcery i tell you! I would have freaked out seeing my own dead body.

-I know when you see dramas common sense is kinda left waiting in the corner but really if you stop and think about it do ghosts really jump around fighting for food, stare at the moon on top of houses or wear the clothes the had on when they died on forever. Imagine those that died naked,or in the hospital,lol but then again this is a fantasy drama.

– i cant believe some people like her and the reaper together, i just don’t see it,lol

I just kept trying to connect TBY with Hana Kimi and though it is the same plot it’s like watching a combo of both japanese versions with a ladle full of drama on it,lol I hate what’s gonna happen in the next episode in the remake it was the only dark episode in the drama and now this one is doing it too and im not looking forward to it. Well I’m currently watching these two plus at random times I watch DH2 but since I have nothing to watch on tv because since King 2 Hearts ended and I do, I do started so now im trying to think which drama replaces it when its done but I can’t think of it or is it one of these? Either way should I try watching Faith? or May Queen? Five Fingers?


4 responses to “Just some quick thoughts

  1. Is Arang worth watching? I tried the first episode and didn’t really… like it? The leads should be worth it but there’s something about the production and dare I say Shin Min Ah (ah! it pains me to say that about an actress I happen to adore) that doesn’t really steal my heart the way other “sageuks” have…

    • I’m loving it so far though in the first 2 episodes? the fighting kinda turned me off,lol but around ep 5,6 it starts to get intense. It’s not your regular historical drama with the queen,king and concubine drama but it’s worth watching in my opinion. Just try a few more episode if by ep 7 your not hooked then for sure your not gonna enjoy the rest. I think shin min ah’s acting is alright this is my first drama with her so I dont have much of an expectation,lol

  2. The ghosts fighting for food and such is not about the drama itself, it actually has to do with their ancient beliefs about ghosts. They believed that ghosts were eternally hungry, they don’t necessarily need food to survive, but it is a torture for them to go hungry all of the time. That is why they would leave offerings to dead family members.

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