As one couple leaves another one enters

Sometimes idk if to hate or love the pd’s of we got married, at the beginning of each couple I tell myself “don’t get to attached to them” and what do I do? I get attached. Of course not with all of them, some of them I watch just to have something to watch Sunday afternoon’s/evening’s while I wait for running man to get subbed,lol Back during the first season I learned my lesson not to ship any of the couples because in the end it’s not real, they separate and go they’re own ways and end up marrying/or get together with someone else for ex the alshin couple. But even when I don’t ship them I start liking them as couple and when the end comes oh the water works start. Today one my favorite current couples left the show which is the woojung couple(lee jang woo and Eun Jung), and it’s soo freaking obvious why they left which makes it even more sad, dumb pd’s im hating you right now >< Either way there’s nothing that can be done and in the next few weeks im sure the dimple couple is gonna leave too(Leeteuk and Kang Sora) since he’s gonna leave for the army soon. So it gets me wondering who the new couple to replace the dimple couple would be, since the replacement for the woojung couple is already on(Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah*the girl from AGD*) which im loving this couple by the way, I think I’m too easy,lol The way I see things it’s pointing out to be an idol couple and i kinda think the future groom is going to be from super junior since there is a couple of them “hinting” they wanna be on the show. No Girls generation please unless its sunny or hyoyeon,it’s not that i dislike the other members but some of them I feel are a little… idk when coming out on variety shows,lol regardless im still a fan of the group. Maybe someone from 2pm? not chansung though,lol either way im kinda excited to know who then new couple could be and next weeks preview hinted that we may find out. Though im sad about it bye bye woojung couple =(


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